Friday, December 11, 2009

I "elfed" my kids

Isn't that wrong???

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Status update

Facebook asks for a status update, well, there is not enough room for an update so I will blog it.

*First, let me start by saying, Bill has been out of town all week and isn't due back until tomorrow. So, that means nonstop fun for me.

*I have been so busy I didn't even make a birthday blog for Tyler so let me first start by saying...
(I know I posted it on facebook but I needed to say it here)

*Jacob had his winter concert on Tuesday. It was very cute but, oh so crowded! How many people can they fit into the elementary school gym? It was packed! Jacob actually sang and did the motions...that is a big step for him.

*Wednesday morning Tyler started my car so I can take him to school and locked the keys in it! So, I call the police and you know it can't just go smooth! I was in tears when he told me the only way he could unlock it would leave a mark! When I called Bill after the policeman opened the door, I cried, he probably thought the car was totaled the way I was carrying on. It's fixable and only as big as this "O" but it's my car, my new car!

*Joshua got in trouble in school again (as if the car wasn't enough for one day). The boy loves to color and he keeps coloring pictures he is not supposed to color yet! Of all things to get in trouble for...coloring?!?!

*and on a different note, exactly how big does the hole in the toilet have to be before a boy can hit the target? GRRRRRR!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So sensitive

I just recently told Joshua I didn't want him to grow up. I was just thinking about how fast they are growing. Before I know it, they are going to be grown and I just want time to slow down a little. Anyway, last night, we put him to bed and within two minutes he was downstairs, crying uncontrollably. I asked him what was wrong and he said he is afraid that he is not going to be a part of our family anymore once he grows up. He said I really want to be in this family and I don't want another one. He was afraid that once he grew up we would no longer be a family and he never wants to leave us. He wants to live here forever. So, through my tears, I tell him that some day he will be big and have a wife and kids and he won't live here but that is many years from now. That was the wrong thing to say! He insisted that he wants to live here forever because he wants to keep the same family. I told him that was fine, he could live here as long as he wanted and that no matter what I was always going to be his mommy and daddy was always going to be his daddy and we would always love him and be his family...that was the answer he wanted. So, with another hug and kiss for added security and a smile on his face, he was off to bed feeling safe and secure that he would always have his family. His sensitivity is what makes him so unique and it's what we love about him.

On a different note, I posted pictures of our remodeled kitchen on facebook. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let me tell you about my day...

First, I have been taking my friend Delilah's son to school some mornings. Sometimes, I just laugh at the things the 3 boys talk about in the back of the car. This morning, as we were getting ready to walk out the door the conversation went something like this:

JACOB: "Jude, are you going to play with Aidan on the playground today or are you going to chase Emma?""
JUDE: Don't you remember what I said about Monday?"
(at this time he sees me looking so I turn away and he finishes)
..."Remember I told you she wants a break from being chased until Monday"
JACOB: "Oh.."
JUDE: "But there are 3 other girls in my class that want me to chase them."
It was so funny...they are in first grade!

Then, I get them off to school and it's time for the handy man to be here. Firs,t let me back up and tell you, he cancelled on Wednesday when Bill was home and today when Bill is 4 hours away in Michigan somewhere, do you think this project is going to go smooth? Of course not! He makes a cut in the wall and starts removing plaster just to find heat ducts! Why no one thought of that before...I don't know??? So, obviously our simple project just got so much harder. Here I am freaking out (really I was), I can't get in touch with Bill and this man says to me "Well, there isn't anything I can do but patch up the hole and get out of your way" ...Oh no, that wasn't going to happen we did not rearrange our kitchen for this project to be over before it got started. So, after an hour and a half of brainstorming, we came up will a new plan but, will Bill like it? I can't give him the green light without my husband...can I? No, that would be wrong...or would it? So, I finally talk to Bill and he says "Sounds good, go ahead and do it" Really? That simple? Had I known that I would have told the handyman to go ahead 3 hours earlier and it would have been started. But instead, he has to come back tomorrow. Anyway, wish me luck my kids are all off school tomorrow and it should be interesting.
Finally, I had parent teacher conferences tonight. Bill and I have always been afraid of Jacob having behavior problems in school but his teacher said that he is a well behaved child, very respectful, and is doing very well academically. Joshua is having a few struggles but nothing to worry about. They think it's because of his ear tubes and the fact that he couldn't hear well without them. He is just a step behind but with a little work he will be back on track.
Stay tuned for pictures of the project...

Monday, November 16, 2009


I have wanted a "bar" in my house for a long time. One day I said to my husband, "Let's knock out that wall and build a bar." At first, he thought I was crazy...then I saw the light bulb and the wheels in his head were turning. "Okay, lets do it!" What?!?! Last week, we had someone here to put in new doors in our upstairs and while he was here Bill said,"Come tell me what you think and if you can do it." And wouldn't you know he said, "I have time next Wednesday." Yes, that is 2 days from now! So, I have barely recooped from the bathroom because that led to the bedrooms which led to the hall and now into the kitchen.

First, here is a picture of Joshua ans Isaiah's room. They wanted blue walls which was fine but we had to draw the line at the orange door!

We are planning on getting them new bedding around Christmas so then it will all come together.

Next, Bill is taking out the baseboard to put in my cabinet with the butcher block. I am painting my kitchen in yellow because my sister always wanted a yellow kitchen. I talked to her husband tonight and asked him if he had something I can have from her kitchen to put in mine. He said he would find something special.

Here is a drawing of the plans, sorry they are a little light. This is a picture from the dining room looking into the kitchen and where our new bar is going to be. As early as the end of the week I should have a picture of the finished project. Hopefully, if all goes well!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It was bound to happen...

one of those posts where I talk about the other side of my life so pardon me for getting emotional.
Lately, I have been thinking about the things I have that I don't deserve and why is it that other people in my life are going through so much. I don't understand why things are the way they are. Why did God give me my husband? Someone I trust with my whole life. Someone who loves me unconditionally. When so many are just looking for someone to love them. Why are my kids healthy when so many are not, losing their life before they should? Why are some born into chaos, forced to deal with their parents stupidity? Why did He choose my sister to be sick? Why didn't He save her? Why are so many people in my life struggling? Fighting their own battles from sickness to unemployment to wayward kids. Nothing seems to make sense.
The other day, I was very upset about a lot of things and felt tears welling up. I went to pick up Joshua from school and a lady came up to me and said some things were going on in her life and she doesn't understand what God is doing.
How strange was that!
I said how ironic that you say that because I am struggling with the same thing. On the way back to our cars, I broke down and cried...right there on the street in front of a complete stranger. She hugged me and offered to pray for me. As our conversation went on I found out we both have the same name and have sisters with the same name but what really sticks out in my mind about the conversation is the part when we talked about how you never really know what is going on in someones life. They can just be going through motions but on the inside they are hurting. Do you really know what someone is going through? Do they put on a good charade? The person behind you in line at the grocery store, the mom at school, your teenage kids, your parents, maybe even your spouse. I often wonder why people act the way they do but maybe that is their way of coping. I don't know what they are dealing with. Maybe it's something they don't deserve, maybe they just found out bad news, maybe they lost someone they love, maybe they're jobless, maybe their kids are acting out. I know that this is something I need to work on in my life. Everyday I am reminded to be kind and not quick to judge because behind every person is a story and maybe just like that stranger was for me you are the person they need right there in their life at that moment.
Here's a video of a song that goes good with this post...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some more fall fun

I try to take the kids pictures in the leaves every year (last years can be seen here if you wanna look). This year I decided to join in the fun. Those of you who know me know that pictures are not my thing!


Me and two of my boys

A little silliness never hurts
Shortly after this it turned to wrestling as usual.
Isaiah with his lawn mower
I can never get a good picture of him because he never stays still! In this picture his hand is blurry because it was moving.
Jacob coming out from being buried.

Um, this is my new did that get in there??

Friday, October 30, 2009

Isaiah at it again...

My dad watches my kids for me on Thursday afternoon so that I am able to go read to Jacob's class in the library. Things were going okay for him until last week when Isaiah told him he was going to the bathroom and tore up the bathroom instead. Well, he came back this week and Isaiah struck again!

Since we are finishing up the bathroom remodel all of the tools, paint, and stuff is still upstairs. So, the story goes like this...

I just walked in the door and my dad says things went okay. The only thing Isaiah did was bring Bill's drill downstairs and my dad put it up. Well, as he is telling me this I am wondering "Where is he now?" So, I go to check on him and as I am going up the stairs he is coming down and says "THAT WAS FUN!!!" I say, "What was fun?" He says, "I painted my TD!" Oh yes, that little booger opened the paint and painted the TV in his room along with part of the dresser, part of the wall, and door frame. As if that wasn't enough, he used one of my new white towels to clean some of his mess (he couldn't have grabbed the green one that matches the paint perfectly!) I have no pictures because dad and I had to hurry and clean it up before it dried!

No real harm done, it all came off but I may have lost a babysitter over it. My poor dad...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My new bathroom

Last Saturday, my husband decided to do this to our bathroom...

Now, he did tell me he was planning on redoing it but I had no idea he was just going to gut it one morning! After he took everything out, we went to buy everything we needed to put it back together. We had a bucket in the basement for the boys and I ran to McDonald's when necessary.

I stepped outside my box with this project. I am, or so I thought I was, the neutral type but I think I may have started something. Now, I want to paint the rest of the house. Anyway, here is what it looks like now. All that is left are the baseboards and towel racks.

Friday, October 23, 2009


It' not because I don't have anything to write's just finding the time!
We took the kids to Kalahari last weekend. It was fun and they really loved it. Bill and I had no time to relax though so it was definitely a kids weekend!

Tyler and Joshua standing under the big bucket that dumps water after it fills up.

Tyler did try to surf but that didn't work out so well. He needs a little more practice but he did good on the boogie board.

Jacob walking across the lily pads. Poor Joshua was so upset he was about an inch too short.

Isaiah loved the little kiddie area.

Joshua being a ham!

Tyler and the big cement elephant.

The whole crew in front of the big rhino in the lobby.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A trip to the fire station

Yesterday, I walked to the fire station with Isaiah and Elise's preschool class. They got to hear about fire safety, see a fire man in all his gear and sit in a firetruck.

Their teachers assistant says to me..."I think Isaiah and Elise are really good friends." I told her that her mom and I are good friends. Anyway, there they are on the back of the truck.

And here they are inside...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It is not new news to anyone who knows us but for those of you who don't...our family doesn't eat onions. Bill is allergic to them, I have never liked them (worked out perfect for us), Tyler will eat them but the rest of the kids will not. I like the smell of cooked onions, I have chopped my share working at an Italian restaurant. We have never forced our will on our kids but for some reason they don't like them especially Jacob. Last night, we stopped at Wendy's to eat dinner. Jacob and Joshua ordered the cheeseburger kids meals. They came with onions, we didn't know so we didn't order them special. Jacob ate 3/4 of his sandwich and found a very small piece of an onion. He got so angry and almost made himself throw up. We told him that he didn't have to finish it but if he ate almost the whole sandwich it must not have been so bad. He was crying and carrying on like he had just found out he ate some sort of hideous creature. He said, "I don't care if they under arrest me! I am going to go back there and yell at them"..."What is wrong with the people who work here"..."Why would you put onions on a kids cheeseburger?"..."I am going to tell them, why didn't you listen to my dad when he said no onions?"..."My french fries taste like onions" He was so mad! All the way home he complained about the onion taste in his mouth! He is such a character but the one thing you have to know about Jacob is he remembers everything! We are going to hear about this for a long time but there is one thing you can be sure of...the next time we go to Wendy's we will make sure to say "no onions" and if we forget, he will remind us!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A fishy story

Over the summer, we took the boys to a goldfish catch. They caught a total of 12 goldfish. They are just little feeder fish and if they make it through the night it's a miracle. This year we have had 2 survivors and they seem to be doing okay. Until, last Sunday, when I noticed there was only one and I couldn't find the other. I found him under the marbles at the bottom of the tank. I waited until the next day, when I had the time, to "fish" him out. I got a metal skewer to move him out of the marbles and hoped he would float to the top. When he moved. He was alive. The poor little guy was stuck under the marbles for at least a day. When he came out he was swimming in a bent sort of sideways way. I actually felt bad for him,I fed him and talked to son Tyler thought I was nuts as he stood there watching his mom talk to a goldfish. I know he's just a goldfish but I didn't want him to go out like that. I really didn't think he was going to make it through the night but he did and the other fish doesn't have to be lonely. Go ahead you can say it...I have lost my mind but we already knew that before I talked to the fish.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Where does it go? Time just flies by these days. A month ago I couldn't believe summer was over and school was starting. Now, I can't believe September is over!

I like Fall. I think it is a very pretty time of year. I am looking forward to bon fires with some friends. The hot tub is a nice place to relax in cooler months. I love to rake the leaves for the kids to jump in. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hay rides are right around the corner.

I am not looking forward to Winter. I do not like to be cold. Bill always tells people that before he married me, he would make it until December without turning on the heat. Well...that has changed. I don't like that game. I usually make it until the first cold night in September. (Yes, that was today...Shhh! Don't tell him).

Anyway, I guess it is time to find all the winter stuff. It's time for coats, hats, gloves, and boots to come out of hiding. I just hope that winter goes by as fast as summer.

Happy Fall everyone!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bowling Fun...

We took Jacob bowling for his birthday. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon.

Isaiah laying on the floor because he does that sort of thing.

Joshua bowled like a pro. The look on his face says he was in it to win!
Jacob must have just got a strike either that or he was up to no good.

Tyler either threw a gutter ball or was just plain disgusted because...
everyone was beating him!
(In Tyler's defense, the rest of them were using bumpers. He was the only one who wasn't)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Okay, so...

I have been busy!
I have been meaning to blog but when? That is a good question.
I was just thinking about the list I made before school started and how I have accomplished so little of it. The sad part is it was such a simple list! I did clean my house once, it lasted an hour. I have gone to breakfast with my husband a few times. Shopping is really no fun alone. I haven't met any friends for coffee. I have volunteered at school, I am pretty excited about that. I have 2 school parties to coordinate, 3 to send in goodies and 1 to attend. I am in the library twice a week and in the copy room once a week so I guess I can if nothing else check that off the list.
Oh well, it is still September the list will get done in time. I am not too worried about it.
But as for tonight, my list is done.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Mom of Boys

When I was a little girl one of my biggest dreams was to have a little girl. I had it all figured out...patent leather shoes, ruffled underpants, pig tails, ribbons and bows. She was going to be beautiful and spoiled little girl. Well, life happened and God decided I was going to have boys. When I had Tyler, I knew from the beginning he was a boy and I was fine with it. When I had Jacob, I was still okay. Then, along came Joshua, I was a little sad but I got over it real fast. Then, Isaiah, I thought for sure he was the one, wrong again, but I also got over it. Don't get me wrong I love each one of my boys and after sitting at the hairdresser listening to teenage girls...I am glad I have boys! They have brought me so much joy and I would like to share some of the things I have learned from them:
...HOW TO LAUGH: If you have ever been to my house you will know we laugh a lot. Sometimes it is just a chain reaction, someone starts and everyone else follows.
...HOW TO THROW A FOOTBALL: While I am not crazy about the sport, I might as well accept that it is a part of my life.
...HOW TO BE PATIENT: I always heard you should never pray for patience. I think God puts us in situations that are a test our tolerance. I am tested daily.
...DIRT DOESN'T HURT: This one is still hard for me. I have gotten a lot better. Tyler used to wear white and it stayed white because he wasn't allowed to get dirty. That doesn't happen anymore...I buy dark colors and a lot of Shout!
...HOW TO LIGHTEN UP: I have never been big on strange noises that come from ones body, but back to my first point, sometimes you just gotta laugh! I haven't got to point where you say, "If you can't beat 'em, Join "em!" (and I am not sure I ever will!) But I have relaxed a bit.
...SUPERHEROES: Boy, there are a lot of them. Batman, Robin, Superman, Ironman, Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Venom, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers...but don't mention Wonder Woman or the pink Power Ranger, they are girls and they have cooties!
...HOW TO HORSEPLAY: There really is no way around it. At one point or another, you will find me on the floor wrestling, giving wedgies, or tickling. Playing monster or horsie, it's all part of our life.
...BUMPS, BLOOD, AND BRUISES HAPPEN: This is another hard one for me. I pass out at the sight of blood and I can't take out a splinter without feeling woozy.
the list could go on. I don't know why God has chose this life for me. I wouldn't change it if I could. My kids are healthy and happy and that is all I can ask for because that is all that matters.
I know someday I will get that little girl. My babies will have babies sometime, hopefully not for a long time. Then, I will be able to comb her hair, use ribbons and bows, dress her in pink, and paint her nails. But until then, I am going to enjoy the boys God has given me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A quick story...

So, yesterday, Bill came home from a doctors appointment for Joshua. Joshua ran upstairs to go the the bathroom and runs back outside. Isaiah goes up to the bathroom next and I am in the kitchen talking to Bill. I hear Isaiah call me but decided I was going to finish my sentence before I answer (not smart) when he calls again, "Mom, come see what the water is doing!" So, I run upstairs and hear water before I am half way up. Someone, (I think it was Joshua because he has been known to fill up the sink), plugged the sink and left the water run. We had a half inch of water on the floor, it was coming over the edge of the sink, out of the drawers under the sink, and was running into the hallway! As we are sopping up the mess, Jacob comes yelling, "Dad! There is water coming down in the kitchen!" Apparently, it had soaked through the floor, it was coming down the door jam between our dining room and kitchen and coming out of the ceiling fan!
Like I have said before...NEVER a dull moment!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am so proud

This past week my son started a whole new chapter in his life. He has started high school. I am not sure where the past 14 almost 15 years went but my little boy has growing up to be a young man that I am so proud of. Along with his college prep classes, he is taking drafting, architectural drawing, and wants to add wood working to next semester.

He has also started high school football. This past Thursday he took the field for the very first time. The day he got his jersey (#13), he was so excited. I am proud of him for his dedication, he has been practicing since the end of May to get ready for this big day. My eyes were filled with tears as he ran out on the field.

I have never big a huge football fan but I will be there every chance I get to cheer my son on because he is doing something he enjoys.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

This morning before church Joshua says to me, "Mom, I want to go to Heaven. Can you take me there?" Before I can say anything he continues, "I miss my Aunt Mandy and it sounds like fun." So, I say with tears streaming down my face, "Buddy, I really want you to go to Heaven someday too, but right now I want you to stay here with me." This afternoon I was telling Bill the story when he walks in and says, "I want to go to Heaven someday but right now I want to stay here for a little while."
All I could think was...PHEW!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My not so big plans

This summer flew by. I can not believe the kids are going back to school in a few days. This year all of the kids will be in school and I have "big" plans! I have made a list of things I want to do during my free time. Will it get done? I guess we will see.

~I want to clean my room a day and enjoy it clean for at least the morning hours until they come home from school
~I want to volunteer at school more...I haven't been able to do much because of having a little one at home
~I want to make some very needed dentist appointments...yuck
~I want to get coffee with my friends and have a conversation that doesn't involve yelling at one of my kids
~I want to go shopping, just simple grocery shopping, so I don't have to call my husband on his way home to pick something up so I can finish dinner
~I want to have breakfast with my husband if his schedule allows
~I want to relax, watch TV, blog, or take a nap if I want to

I know this may be a simple list but I am a simple person. My life is my kids and when I am not with my kids I am lost as strange as that may seem especially to those who know my kids.

I don't know how much of these "little" things I will get done. But I do know one thing I will do...I will miss my kids and all the chaos they bring and will look forward to picking them up from school and bringing them home so life for me can get back to normal, my normal.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What a stinker...

I asked Jacob to clean his room and this is what I found later that day...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I wasn't kidding

...when I told we have cucumbers! The rest of our garden did not do so well at all but the cucumbers came in and are still coming. I have told people come on by and pick them.

This is what the corner o' cucumbers looks like. I planted 2 bags of seeds my husband insisted they weren't coming up so he bought 18 more plants!

They are growing up into the neighbors tree. We have cucumbers that I can't reach. This picture is a close up of the cucumber tree.
So, please, don't buy cucumbers. I have plenty to share!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Homemade "fun"

Today, the boys and I made perogies. It is always an adventure when we decide to pull out the flour and rolling pin!
Jacob is attempting to "seal" the edges so the potatoes and cheese stay in.
Isaiah playing the flour, of course!
Joshua rolling the dough.
Isaiah eating the dough!
Finally, the mess for me to clean up! But I will admit having perogies for dinner was worth it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not so smart, am I?

This past weekend we went to the county fair. We were not sure about how the kids would handle the rides. The last time we went to a fair we bought the wristbands for unlimited rides. They cried and cried and wouldn't ride anything...30 dollars wasted! This time we bought 40 dollars in tickets (the wristbands were $12 each) and wouldn't you know they loved the rides...grrrr! (Don't worry I took lots of pictures). After a couple hours of ride fun we decided to go to dinner, fair food costs a fortune, as you know, and nothing is really good for you. I think just by walking through the gate and smelling the food, you gain weight! Anyway, we went to North Canton to Quaker Steak and Lube. I thought the kids would love the cars and motorcyles hanging from the ceiling and they did (more pictures). It was the Hall of Fame kick off weekend and hot air balloons filled the sky (yes, more pictures). Then, on the ride home, you should have seen the clouds. I love to watch clouds. So, I took some pictures of them.
So, I bet you are expecting some good pictures, huh??? Sorry, I accidently erased them all. Oh yeah...I was mad, probably worse than mad!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Isaiah strikes again!

I was on the phone this morning with Julie when Jacob comes running down stairs to tell me what Isaiah did. This is what I found...

But don't worry, he was "fixing" it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have said it before...

and I'll say it again

When I was in middle school (maybe younger) I remember seeing an ad in a magazine for pen pals. I thought sounded fun so I sent in my information and they sent me a pen pal. We exchanged letter after letter, pictures, keepsakes, even talked on the phone. We knew everything about each other and never met! High school came and we lost touch but thanks to facebook we have reconnected. Last night, when I sat down to send her message, I felt like a kid again.

Last week, I reconnected with one of my best friends from high school. We were in cosmetology class together. There were about 4 of us that became really close. That class was full of cliques, I wonder how many of them actually work in a salon now? I remember being so upset when she moved to Florida. Like I have said, I have never had a lot of friends at one time but the ones I had I love! Anyway, for a while, we wrote to each other but life happened and we lost touch.

I look forward to catching up with these girls they both meant a lot to me at different times in my life. I just wished we lived a little closer to each other!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chips on the table

The other day, I babysat for my friend Julie.
Her family is going through a really rough time right now. If you believe in the power of prayer, I ask that you remember her family when you pray.
When she brought the girls over I have to admit, I had no idea what to do with preteen girls??? They eventually talked us into opening the pool, the water was 73...too cold for me. I set out some chips in bowls on the picnic table, found some clothes for them to swim in and had a little pool party. The next day, Julie sent me an email an told me of this conversation she had with her 6 year old that night at dinner:

Kassie: "Mommy, ...ya know what?"
Me: "What sweetie pie?"
Kassie: " Sherry Loooooman REALLLLLLLLY knows how to take care of kids. She left the chips on the table."
Me: "What do you mean she left the chips out on the table?"
Kassie: "I don't know but she just left the chips out for the boys and that was SO good."

Now, let me tell you...I reallllllly didn't know what to do to take care of them!!! I was confused! But, what I think is amazing about this is...Kassie is so quiet and shy but that day I think I broke the ice and she talked to me. Not only did she talk to me but about me and wants to come back. It only took almost a year but we are moving forward!

By the way, I don't have that many o's in my last name. That is just how Kassie says it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So, today I took my kids to the park. I usually meet my friend Julie but she had some family things to deal with so I went alone. I was sitting at a picnic table watching my kids play in the sand box when this man and his two kids walk into the park. I watch as his kids go and play in the sand box and then he comes and sits at the picnic table with me. The park was empty, plenty of benches and tables to choose from but, no, he chooses mine. First, he says "Oh? It's not eleven, that is why the pool isn't open." (It was a couple minutes after 10). Then, after some small talk about the pool, it was on to his story. For the next hour, I listened to this man talk in detail about his former wife, his daughter, where he shops, cell phones, and where he is hoping to get a job. I didn't know what to do, I felt very strange sitting there but afraid to be rude and move. My kids were playing nice with his so I couldn't use that as an excuse. I don't think he meant any harm, just a single dad with his kids but it was strange. I think about all the times I have been to play lands or parks and see other moms and I don't sit next to them. I purposely keep my distance not because I am unsocial but it is out of my comfort zone. But, anyway, his older son ended up throwing sand at Isaiah and he decided it was time to go. After he left, I packed up my kids and went home. Even though he seemed harmless, I will admit I checked my rear view mirror a few times on the way home and kept my husband on the phone.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My heart smiles

when I see them smile...

My kids love the water. I am afraid of it. When I was young, my mom wanted to protect us from everything and water happened to be one of those things. When we first got our pool and Bill threw our kids up in the air, you can bet I cried. It scared me. But the other day, he caught me wipe a tear for a different reason. I was standing outside the pool in amazement as my kids did cannon balls, flips, and handstands. Part of me is a little jealous because I can't do that stuff but the other part is so happy to see them have so much fun. I am glad that Bill has taught them to not be afraid.

Joshua just gets braver everyday. In this picture he was going under the water and jumping up (I would have to plug my nose!).

Jacob is happiest in the water. We have not been able to find many things that keep him occupied but he will swim all day!

Isaiah has just started getting very brave. He does cannonballs just like his older brothers. I chose this picture because if you look close you can see a drop of water falling off his ear!

Then there is Tyler, he also loves the water and enjoys being with his brothers. He has come a long way in the water. He used to be like his mom but now he will jump right in with the best of them!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


...I was a little hard on him. Today, I will show you how cute he can be.

This is Isaiah helping his dad cut the grass. If you notice the Fisher Price popper in the background...that is his weed whacker. He holds it upside down and makes a "weed whacker" sound as he follows his dad around. Too cute!

Now, here he is "helping" Bill fix the faucet. Earlier in the day, he broke our old one off and water sprayed across the kitchen. I really don't think it was his fault, it was on it's last leg. I think it was going to happen to the next person who touched it. It just happened to be Isaiah.