Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not so smart, am I?

This past weekend we went to the county fair. We were not sure about how the kids would handle the rides. The last time we went to a fair we bought the wristbands for unlimited rides. They cried and cried and wouldn't ride anything...30 dollars wasted! This time we bought 40 dollars in tickets (the wristbands were $12 each) and wouldn't you know they loved the rides...grrrr! (Don't worry I took lots of pictures). After a couple hours of ride fun we decided to go to dinner, fair food costs a fortune, as you know, and nothing is really good for you. I think just by walking through the gate and smelling the food, you gain weight! Anyway, we went to North Canton to Quaker Steak and Lube. I thought the kids would love the cars and motorcyles hanging from the ceiling and they did (more pictures). It was the Hall of Fame kick off weekend and hot air balloons filled the sky (yes, more pictures). Then, on the ride home, you should have seen the clouds. I love to watch clouds. So, I took some pictures of them.
So, I bet you are expecting some good pictures, huh??? Sorry, I accidently erased them all. Oh yeah...I was mad, probably worse than mad!


Cassie said...

SHUT UP! No way! Oh Sher...What a bummer! hahahahaha! It's ok, it happens! Just don't let it happen again!

marcia said...

Wow... all those photos ..."gone?" ... that is sad... I AM A CLOUD shape lover too ... i watch the sky all the time.