Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our trip to the zoo

The start of the day

A big tortoise

Joshua attempting the wall

Jacob doing the same

Isaiah getting some help

I never knew there were so many species of jelly fish

That is a bear right behind the boys

Doing some real rock climbing

Aren't they adorable

Pooped from his long day so daddy had to carry him

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He really is a softy...

As you know my son Jacob is very loud. He can sometimes be a little monster but somewhere deep down he really has a soft not so harsh side to him.

Yesterday, he was playing on the swing set with the little girl across the street and this was the part of the conversation I heard (I was across the yard and his voice was the only one I could hear but it was enough).

JACOB: My Aunt Mandy...(then he said something she did with him)

GIRL: Who is Aunt Mandy?

JACOB: She is my aunt and she went to heaven

GIRL: (said something about her uncle who passed away shortly after Mandy)

Then they said a few more things that I really couldn't hear and that is when Jacob said "I don't want to talk about my Aunt Mandy anymore, I'm about to cry"

Then he ran off to play somewhere else...leaving his mom to cry!

She always wanted to leave a legacy and she did. They will never forget her and the memories she made with them because she took the time to make them important! It is amazing the impact you can have on someones life even when you only have a few short years to do it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is my 100th post?

(I never would have thought I would have that much to say!)

We went to Rockin' on the River last night. There was a Rascal Flatts band scheduled to play but we left at 9 and they hadn't started yet. This was what we got to watch...

it was Elton John (aka Captain Fantastic)!!!

My kids were so funny they plugged their ears!

So, we decided to go to the fountain, not the smartest thing because this...

turned into this...

but we had fun and that is all that matters!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a little funny

Okay, I will start with Isaiah
with all the kids I have none of them have done this...

Then there is Joshua...

those pajamas are a size 2T!

Finally, Jacob, I don't have a picture of it because it would be kind of cruel. He has a splinter in the palm of his hand and we wanted to get it out because it looked like it was infected. We got out the necessary supplies you know, a needle and tweezers. Bill barely touched his hand and he was on the floor...passed out. Obviously, he has a fear of needles, (so does his mom). What I wonder is, how could I use this to my benefit?!?!

Oh, I am just kidding!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good times

with old friends...

We were really busy this weekend!

FRIDAY: I spent the first half of the day painting. One of these days I will be done. I started the fence by the pool...not fun! I have been dragging my feet and putting it off. That night, Bill and I went on a date. We just went to dinner and had some drinks. Then we did some shopping for Saturday.

SATURDAY: I made breakfast for my family...I let them each pick what they wanted. Bill had an omelette, Jacob and Tyler had scrambled eggs, Joshua and Isaiah wanted waffles and they all had bacon. Then, I had an appointment to get my hair done. That afternoon was Elise's birthday party, the reason for shopping an our date.

SUNDAY: After church, I met up with some friends for lunch. We all worked together a life time ago! Back when I was pregnant with Tyler. After lunch we came back to my house, and well, here are the pictures...

No...there were no tasty beverages involved!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Could it really be

two posts within the week?!?!

With Mother's Day just recently, I have been thinking about my kids. I know that they can sometimes be you have read in previous posts. But if you ask me if I would change them, I would have to say probably not. They are each so special in their own way. So, let me share some of what I have thought about...

The other day, on the phone, Delilah asked me if I cried when Tyler was named the student of the month. I didn't cry that time but told him how proud of him I was. There have been times when I look at his grades online and cry, not because they are bad, but because I am so proud of the young man he is growing up to be. It hasn't always been easy, there have been days he has made me cry for not so good reasons. But it is all a part of raising kids. I can't take back all the times I have messed up but seeing the man Tyler is becoming helps me to know that hard work and persistence pay off.

Jacob, oh Jacob, I love him but he is difficult. I have never seen anyone quite like him. He is so smart and sometimes too smart (with his mouth, that is). I haven't been able to find a type of discipline that he responds to. I have, however, found that he loves to feel like he is helping, so I give him little jobs to do to keep him focused. The other day I was straightening out his room and found this...

It says "The car is go to get gas" Not proper English but close enough.

It seems as though he went from not reading to reading in a day! He is writing sentences and reading books. I know he will out grow his mischievous behavior, it's just getting there that is the hard part!

Joshua holds an extra special part of my heart. When I was 12 weeks pregnant with him, they told me I had miscarried. After hours in the hospital ER, they finally sent me to labor and delivery where I asked them if they were going to make sure I had lost my baby before they went forward with the D&C. They did the ultra sound and there he was, his little heart still beating. When they told us we had lost him, we were devastated. It is unbelievable how much you can love someone you haven't even met yet. All this happened the same week we found out about Mandy having cancer. It was a very emotional time for all of us.

That brings us to Isaiah. I never thought I would talk Bill into another baby but he knew how much I wanted a little girl (and some where deep down so did he). Isaiah is my little "Curious George" always asking questions and getting into something he shouldn't. I wish we could get back the money for all the soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. that he has dumped down the drain or flushed down the toilet just to make bubbles! I got the call today that he has been excepted into preschool. I am not sure how I am going to handle having all of my kids in school next year.

Anyway, I had a nice Mother's Day with my husband and kids. I got coffee in bed, 4 homemade cards, a new pot set, and my favorite dinner made for me. And even though it doesn't always seem like it, I received the first of the best gifts of my life 14 years ago.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know what you are thinking...

...why start a blog if you are not going to post anything.

Bill left for North Carolina last Sunday and didn't back until late Friday night. When he is out of town, I am so busy with the kids my day just slips away. I realize how much he helps me when I have to do it all by myself.

I had two Mother's Day functions to go to. Jacob had "Muffins with Mom" on Wednesday. My mom and I went with him before school and had muffins and juice, he was so excited about it. Joshua had a "luau" on Thursday for grandma and mom. We made a lei, watched them sing and dance, then ate fruit salad and cake (which they all helped decorate). Here is a picture of what the kids made me in school. Joshua made the jar with the flower on top. Jacob made the card and gave me the flower. (The card says "Dear Mom, my love for you grows and GROWS!")

Tyler made "Student of the Month" He said he was sitting in class and the principal came in and asked him to come out in the hall. Once out there, Tyler asked him if he had done something and the principal said "Something to deserve this..."

The Miller's invited me over for dinner one night. Dinner was good, my kids not so much! Maybe they weren't as bad as I thought (ha-ha), maybe by then, my patience was just gone from being "single" all week. We probably will never be invited to dinner again though...I wonder if their fish survived Isaiah dumping the container of food into the tank?

I think my bad mood from that night carried over to the next day because when Bill called me in the morning, I must have snapped so he sent me these...

(The two carnations are from church on Sunday for Mom's day)

This is not a conclusive list of all the things that went on last week by a long shot but one thing I will admit I sure miss my husband when he's gone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock climbing...

Here are a few pictures of afternoon we spent at the park with my friend Laurie and her family...

Jacob and Isaiah


Tyler and Isaiah


Tyler and Jacob

and Isaiah hiding in the woods!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joshua's prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my new Ninja Turtle toy
Thank you for the cake, it is great
Thank you for this food
Thank you for Raphael because he is cool
Thank you for the water to take my medicine with
and Your flowers are beautiful