Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joke of the day, Rated "G"

Last night, Bill got home from work late. I was just getting the kids out of the bathtub when he walked in. They came back downstairs for a little dad time before it was off to bed. They all sat on the couch and the boys started telling jokes...

"Why did the hen cross the road?"
"I don't know why?"
"because he wanted to walk like a chicken!"

"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Snake, I eat an orange!"

then, ISAIAH who stays with the snake theme (and is five inches
from my face making a very wet "ssssssss" sound) says...
"Why did the snake cross the road?"
"I don't know"
"because the dinosaur had a car!"
So, I say "That's why the snake crossed the road???"
and he says "and because he wanted to do this...SSSSSSSSS to people!
Yes, that was a wet one too! Thanks for asking!

Then the jokes started toward their favorite topics, you know, farts, so I said no more jokes. So, then Joshua says to his dad "Dad, your arms are so big" Bill says "These are my guns" Joshua then says "Your arms are as big as Incredible Hulks" Bill says "Well then you better not make me angry" Before it got "too deep" in my living room, it was time for those boys to go off to bed!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peer pressure?

I took Isaiah to peer screening at Joshua's preschool on Friday. Joshua's preschool has kids with learning disabilities, such as speech, and they except a certain number of kids they consider peers. A peer is a child who is developing on schedule and can help the other kids in a classroom setting. I guess you could say the peers set an example for the others in the class. I am not to sure that Isaiah is the right kid for that job. Hopefully, the kids in his class don't give into peer pressure...
Twice this past week he has opened his bedroom window and tried to climb out. He has figured out the lock, lifted the screen and luckily I heard him making noise. Anyway, Bill has made it so the window only opens a few inches.
He is not always into mischeif he says some of the cutest things. We were at the park the other day and the water fountain wasn't working. He said "the awter fountain not erking the babberies are dead" (no, I didn't mispell it, that is what he said). As he was digging in the garden the other day he found a worm "Yook mom a urm" as his older brother is running into the house and refuses to come out because there is a bee outside and he wants me to spray it. Another time he was going to the bathroom (he has decided to stand up now like a big boy). The toilet seat fell on his hand. Anyway, he says to me "Mom, yook what that toyette did!" "What did it do Isaiah?" "It falled on my hand!" I had to tell him to be careful because it could have been worse, just ask Joshua, he had a black and blue mark I bet he wished was somewhere else!
I could probably go on with things he says because we spend a lot of time together and really I do love it (even when he makes me crazy). In some ways, I hope he gets excepted into prechool because I think it would be good for him. But in other ways, I really don't want him to go to school just yet. He may be a monster at times but he is still my baby!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God's little helpers

As you all know, I lost my sister last July. But I didn't just lose a sister I lost my best friend. We talked everyday and spent probably 5 of 7 days together. When I had a problem, she always had the solution. When life was unbearable, she had the hug I needed. When I just wanted to complain, she listened. I miss the phone calls that always ended with I love you. I know that I will never stop missing her until I see her again and those of you that were there to help me through it know that I always said I don't know how I will survive without her. God knew I would need help and sent it in the form of my friends.
This past Saturday I went to a women's conference with Delilah and her sister. Delilah has been my friend for 3 and a half years. She has seen me through some of the best times but also some of the worst. We have cried as many times as we have laughed together. We have a "just be yourself" relationship. She has helped me to come out of my shell a bit because there is nothing shy about her. She has helped me understand my teenager because that was the line of work she was in. We have shared stories about our husbands, families, and kids. We have had our share of differences but have still remained very good friends.
Sunday after church I met up with my friend Laurie and her family at the park. Laurie and I used to be inseparable. Our old boss used to call us "two gumbas." Where one was the other wasn't far behind. She was my line dancing partner, we spent our share of time at the Boot Scootin Saloon, kicking up our heels. That was 12/13 years ago, we for some reason or another lost touch. Last Christmas, we bumped into each other and I gave her my number. She called and we have been staying in touch talking about old times and of our present times. She has 2 boys now and we have found that we still have quite a bit in common even if we have forgotten how to dance!
Monday night I had plans to get a drink with Cassie. Things didn't work out as we had planned so we met at my house. So, with all my kids and a smelly dog, we talked and drank wine. I used to work with Cassie 14 years ago at Rizzi's with Laurie. We laughed about old times, shared some new stories, took some not so good pictures which you can see at her blog. She got to see the way it is at my house with no clue what she was getting into. She stayed until almost 10 and didn't seem scared off by my crazy kids...I think I even heard her say she can't wait until our kids meet.
I am excited about the opportunity to reconnect with Laurie and Cassie, hopefully we will build stronger relationships.
I also meet my friend Julie every week and I have loved getting to know her. She and I have so much in common, from step kids to just plain crazy families. We could talk for hours. Sometimes, my old friend Marcia meets us and we get the chance to catch up.
I have never had a lot of friends but I am thankful for the friends I have. They are all so different but strangely alike. I need friends in my life, not to take the place of my sister, but to help me get through life without her. They are the hug I need when I am having a bad day, the smile when I am sad, and some of them even tell me they love me. They each play a different role in my life and I believe they are Gods way of letting me know that He hasn't forsaken me. Even though He has taken my sister, He has given me other people to help me make it through day by day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just rambling...

because I can!

Somebody told me that I should keep posting artwork. Here are some eggs Jacob and Joshua made. Joshua chose to make a square duck/chick. I would have posted them for Easter but they just brought them home.

Today, Isaiah and I had a busy morning. After we dropped the kids off at school, we went to Tyler's school to pick up his phone (he got it taken away yesterday because Bill accidentally called him and it rang in the middle of class). From there it was off to the grocery store for the staples (milk and bread). Then, I saw a sign for a yard sale and decided to stop. I bought a box filled with gift wrap (22 rolls to be exact), a bunch of gift bags, and tissue paper for 2 dollars. Isaiah wanted a Mickey Mouse tin for a quarter. He took it with him when we walked to get Jacob from school so it turned into a "nature walk" which is always kind of cute. Anyway, here are his findings...

By the way, a couple of the pine cones have ended up on the floor and I have mistaken them for something else.

This is the light on our back porch...

In the morning when you walk out, if you don't know it is there, that bird will give you quite a scare when it flies out of that nest! I don't have it in me to take it down, Last year we had one on the front porch and in time we saw the baby bird. It was fun to see the kids faces when it finally did hatch.

And finally, this is a sweatshirt I bought for 50 cents at the thrift store. I managed to get ink on it (not such a big deal) but, not knowing it was there I set the shirt on my bed. The ink ended up on my Crate and Barrel comforter (now that was a big deal). I don't have a picture of that stain because I wasn't thinking about blogging until...

the stain came out!!!

This is a picture of the same shirt in the same spot where the ink stain was. The ink was from our printer cartridge. I thought I was going to have to buy a new comforter but my dad gave me a bottle of graffiti remover that is used to get ink off many surfaces. I sprayed it on and let it soak over night, threw it in the washer in the morning and stain! I am easily amused. I know I need to get out more. But don't laugh at me, it is important to be able to get stains out

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where in the world...

does time go???
I can not believe how long it has been since my last post!!!

Once again we have had yet another busy and eventful week...never a dull moment at this house!

On Friday, we colored Easter eggs...twice. Once, with my mom and dad then, later that night with the Miller's and our friend Chrissie and her daughter. These are a few pictures of the kids at my parents house. I asked my husband to take some pictures of our kids at our house and if Gracie and Avery were my kids, I would have a lot of pictures to post!

To add to the excitement, Bill bought me a bike. I wanted the pink one because every now and again I need something "girly" in my life!

So, now I can join the family when they go on bike rides. Saturday, after baking for the Sunday Brunch at church, we packed up the kids and headed to the trails. We biked for quite a while, listening to the kids complain because we were riding too long (right after we started), they were dying of thirst (right after we started). Isaiah had it made in his new seat behind daddy. Joshua prefers to ride looking backwards to make sure you are still there and runs into the oncoming traffic. Jacob was in and out, one time complaining we were going to far, the next not wanting to go back to the truck (I can't figure him out either!). Tyler was probably getting frustrated because he loves to ride but we had to keep stopping. Anyway, we survived and are willing to go again sore butt and all!

Easter Sunday brought quite a bit of excitement. The kids woke up at the crack of dawn excited to look for their baskets. Then it was off to church and for those of you who don't know, yes, Isaiah set off the fire alarm. He was so scared he started crying, the police show up, etc. etc. I told you never a dull moment. Then we had an Easter egg hunt, the Miller's over for dinner, the Cavs were on...busy busy. Here are some pictures of the kids looking for eggs.

Okay, I better stop or this post could keep going. Stay tuned more "excitement" to come!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Once again wondering...

Okay, so in the past a couple times I have wondered (every now and again). I am still wondering...

(please don't read if the word poop offends you)

...why I can't catch up on laundry?
...why do I lack motivation some days and not others?
...why do kids poop it the bath tub?
...on that note, why can't I understand what is so funny about the word poop? or fart?
...why is it that "mean" mom has to come out before my kids listen?
...why my son cries when his dad leaves him off at school and I get a "Bye Mom, see you later!"
...why do you pay hundreds of dollars a month for health insurance and then have to pay a hundred dollars for a prescription?

I guess I need to accept that I may never know the answers to life's toughest questions!

Monday, April 6, 2009

This and that

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. We have been busy the past couple weeks. So, I think I will just post a few little Looman house "happenings."

...I have signed Isaiah up for preschool. I had to wait until he was potty trained! I think we have made progress (Thank goodness).
...Speaking of Isaiah, he walks around the house saying "Marcia, Marcia" (I threw that in for you Marcia)!
...Joshua is really into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember a couple years ago Jake and Delilah were going through the same thing with Jude and I was so glad it was them and not me...well, it's payback time!
...Jacob has really started reading a lot. I was typing a blog not to long ago and he was reading along with what I was typing.
...Tyler has been weight lifting after school. I guess it is part of football conditioning. He definitely needs to bulk up if he is going to play a contact sport.
...Bill's job has been going well. He has caught on quick and has made an impression on his new boss.
...I have reconnected with another old friend through facebook. That is always exciting.
...I can not wait until the weather gets nice and stays nice...the snow that is coming today is ridiculous.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

God made dirt...

dirt won't hurt!?!?!?

That is what you say until your kid does something like this...
Today I met my friends Julie, Marcia, and Dianna at McDonald's for our "Mom Time." We were sitting around talking as the kids were playing when some other lady who was there with her kids says "Honey, he dumped a sugar packet and is licking it off the floor." Can you say GROSS? My son decided to dump the sugar inside the play area and lick it up like a dog! The lady said "Boys will be boys" and I just kind of rolled my eyes and sighed...don't I know that? Then, I said "Well, it's a good thing he is still taking antibiotics from having bronchitis over Spring Break!"

Having boys you learn that they are different. I always tell people that I can't believe God has given me four of them. He must have thought it would be funny because I can not stand the sight of blood and my stomach gets woozy at the thought of getting a splinter out. Even though, I have relaxed a little, I hate it when my kids get dirty. Poor Tyler, he had it the worst. I wouldn't even let him have sauce on his pasta because I didn't want him to get it on his clothes. If it was Tyler that had done what Isaiah did today, I would have started crying and probably taken him to the doctor.

They say boys are easier but, right now, I am not thoroughly convinced of that.