Monday, November 17, 2008

I wonder...

...if there will ever be a day when everything in my house isn't locked up. We have locks on the inside and outside of our bathroom and dining room doors. Locks on the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and even our TV stand doors.

...if I will ever be able to put a nice centerpiece on my dining room table.

...if the clothes in my son's closet could stay on the rod, on hangers, and hung up instead of on the floor in a big pile.

...if I will ever be able to have a plant that isn't destroyed.

...if the pillows will ever stay on the couch.

...if my husband could come home and the first words out of my mouth aren't "You need to fix the..."

...if my walls will ever be crayon free.

...if my boys will ever pee in the toilet.

...if Isaiah will ever be potty trained.

...if I will ever go on vacation again.

...if vacation is asking to much, how about a date?

...if I will be able to talk on the phone and actually hear the other person. I know you are really my friend if we have talked on the phone more than once.

...if there will ever be a day that belchs and farts aren't funny.

...if I will ever just except that life has been forever changed because of kids.


Jake said...

I think most of those things will take care of themselves when your boys have left the house. Then you'll probably wonder why you miss those things.

Anonymous said...

That day will might be a ways away...but it will come. And then you will write a post about all of those things once again...except at that time you will miss all those irritating thing...most of then anyway. But...take a deep breath...then comes the grandkids to do it all over again. But you can send those ones home :)

Have a blessed day!