Saturday, November 1, 2008

In case of an emergency...

Yesterday while at my parents house I noticed the phone was off the hook and as soon as my mom put it back on the hook, it rang. It was the 911 dispatcher. Someone had called and they wanted to make sure everything was okay. My mom explained that it was probably one of her grandkids, everything was fine, sorry to bother you. I called Jacob from the bedroom and asked him if he had called. He said he did but he didn't press "talk." I told him that on grandma's phone there is no "talk" button and that he had called the police. He immediately thought he was going to go to jail and started crying. I told him he wasn't but he can not call 911 unless it in an emergency. He said he understood and went back to playing. A few minutes later the police show up at the house. Jacob saw them out the window and is panicked thinking they are there to pick him up and take him away. My mom answered the door and the policeman asked if everything was okay and Jacob runs to the door yelling "Are you going to take me to jail, don't take me away" crying and carrying on. Of course, the policeman wanted to know why he was crying. We explained what had happened. He asked Jacob if he had learned about 911 in preschool and Jacob told him he learned about it in safety town. He then told us that it is routine to come out even if you say everything is okay on the phone because they need to make sure for themselves. Jacob finally calmed down, hopefully, this was a good lesson for him.

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