Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh, the joys of parenthood...

Today is the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am not a Black Friday shopper. I guess for some it is tradition and some really enjoy it but, for me, I am not going to fight that crowd. I am not a big shopper anyway. I like to go get what I need and be done. So, since I will not have any shopping stories to share I will tell you about Thanksgiving. We had decided to go to Bill's brothers house. His sister was in town from California and she only comes to visit about twice and year. His brother had just got married and bought a new house and wanted everyone to be there for their first Thanksgiving together. We could kill a lot of birds with one stone, right? Well, it is a two hour trip and we didn't have to be there until 2:3o so we had a lazy morning and got ready at our own pace. Finally, at about 12 noon, we decided to get things packed up, throw some snacks in the bag, diapers, pajamas, drinks, the cheesecake, and most important give the kids their Dramamine. We printed up a map of the shortest route and off we went. We did not realize that the shortest route was also the hilliest and the windiest. Once we got off the expressway, about 45 minutes into the trip, it was a continuous roller coaster ride. Hopefully, the kids would sleep until we got there. Nope, my life couldn't be that simple. Jacob, who has been our biggest puker woke up and told us he was sick. I grabbed a bag because that was all I had. He hasn't got sick in a while so I was not prepared (the medicine has worked since we have been using it). Well, long story short, he missed the bag, completely. So, we pull over and clean him up with what we wipes. I take all his clothes off except for his underwear and shirt. Bill called his brother and told him our dilemma and we were off again. We didn't realize this but we were less than a mile from our exit (if only he could have held off 3 minutes). So, of course, we make a grand appearance. Bill got Jacob in the house, wrapped in a towel, showered him, put on his PJ's, and threw his clothes in the washing machine. Then, it was off to make introductions to his brothers new in laws...what a great first impression. We are already known as the ones with the "monster" kids...might as well live up to it. Anyway, the rest of the day went okay. The kids were actually pretty good considering the circumstances. Their youngest is 13 and there was not much for my little ones to do. We left about 7. We took a different route and arrived back home without any messes. I am sure we gave the family something to talk about though.

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