Friday, November 21, 2008

The last place you look...Part 2

Yesterday morning we getting the kids ready for school and the time came to put shoes on. Jacob puts his shoes on and Joshua can not find his anywhere. So, starts the search, upstairs, downstairs, in the closets, through the trash, in the cupboards, and, yes, the dishwasher (at this house stranger things have happened). Finally, time is up they have to get to school so Joshua puts on his brothers shoes, they are a size too big but they will do. I gave up the search I figured they would turn up before morning and besides I had laundry to do. I go upstairs to grab the dirty clothes, especially the blankets (if you have read older posts you will recall they are the missing items from the last search). Anyway, down to the basement I go, basket in hand, open the the washer, and what do I guessed it...the shoes. I have no idea how they got there. It seems as though "not me" did it. I used to love the Family Circus cartoons as a kid with the "not me" character little did I know someday my life was going to be like that cartoon.

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