Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday, was Joshua's birthday. To celebrate the day and hold him over until his party on Saturday, we had dinner at Dairy Queen and brought home a cake.

I don't know where the time goes, it doesn't seem like this...
was all that long ago!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Go ahead and laugh at me...

almost everyone else has.
Okay, so most of you know this but those of you who don't get ready for a laugh!
Last Friday, I cut my finger while washing my food processor blade. At first I tried to hide it from Bill (I don't know why). So, I ran upstairs to "check" out the situation on my own. Not a good idea, too much blood for me. Then, I go back down stairs with my finger wrapped in a towel and tell Bill, "I cut myself and I am going to pass out!" He tells me to sit on the dining room chair.
I am crying and yelling at him because I can't see and my stomach is sick. He is trying to put a band aid on and I start to fall over, he carries me to the couch. All the time I am yelling at him because somehow this is all his fault!
My poor children...Tyler was turning green because he is as bad as me when it comes to blood, Jacob thought I was dying (his words), and poor Joshua is crying because he is so worried about me. Isaiah, well, he was probably flushing something down the toilet!
But back to the story, after I come back to reality, we eat dinner and I ask Bill to take the band aid off because it is too tight and my finger is throbbing. He said, "No" What?!? I said, "Take this band aid off and change it." So, he says, "They can take it off at the hospital when I take you in to get stitches." Oh no, that is not happening so I start to feel sick again and put my head between my knees and tell him, "I can not get stitches, I think I am going to puke!" I didn't and we left.
The hospital was another story. Have you ever had two needles stuck in the base of your finger? Pukey again! So, anyway, long story short it got numb the doctor came in and I said, "DO NOT tell me what you are doing, just do it." I did not need the play by play.
Two hours, two stitches, an numb finger, $150, and a HUGE bandage later we head home.
Now, let me just tell you, I have given birth 3 times without so much as a Tylenol. It doesn't make sense to me either but these stitches are due to come out within the next day or so and the very thought is making me sick. I am not quite sure I am going to get through it without passing out again!
Enjoy the laugh!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boy did I let him down!

Yesterday, Isaiah was looking through a magazine we got in the mail from the zoo. He was asking me where the lions and tigers live and I told him in Africa. Then, it was the bears and foxes, I said I guess they would be in the forest. He is content with my answers and goes on his way.
Later, I am going to the florist to get flowers for the secretary at school and I asked Jacob if he wanted to go but Isaiah insisted on going instead. When we get in the car I realize why he wanted to to go...he thought we were off to the forest to see all the animals!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is how we play basketball...

at our house...

In a football helmet, of course!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Storytellers...that''s what they are!

I often worry about the stories my kids especially Isaiah are going to tell. I have heard some good ones but I know the truth, other people may scratch their heads!
Some of their stories are believable, the exaggerated truth let's say. But others are just funny.
Today, Isaiah's teacher stopped me to tell me about his story. I said "Oh no, here we go." She said she asked him where he got the scrape on his arm (The truth: he scraped it climbing a tree at his uncles house). He told her, "I got it playing football, Ochocinco knocked me down!" (For those who don't know Ochocinco plays for the Cincinnati Bengals). She thought it was so funny! Me...well, I was just glad it wasn't something else! I say that because as I am typing this he is playing with Play Doh...rolling what I would call "snakes" but not him!