Monday, March 28, 2011


When you start going to back to church it can be overwhelming, there are so many of them. Where do you start?
Mandy and I went to that church for awhile. We didn't really feel a connection. Sunday after Sunday, we came and went. We didn't build relationships, we just attended. We weren't sure if it was the church for us.
Then one day, my cousin invited me to a Mary Kay party. I wasn't crazy about it because I am not really a big make up person. When she told me her pastor's wife was the consultant, I was even more hesitant. She wouldn't give up, so I gave in and went. I had a good time talking with some of the people from her church. When I was talking to the pastor's wife, she asked me where we were going to church. I explained to her that I was tired of going to a church for months and no one knew even our names. She invited us to her church the next morning. I told her I wasn't sure what I was going to do.
The next morning, I decided I would try her church. After all, it was five minutes from home and I didn't have to go back if I didn't like it. You can bet I did the same thing on the way to church. I tried to get out of it until the very last second, "God, if I walk in there and she doesn't remember my name, I AM NOT going back to this church!" Usually, I am sure God doesn't like ultimatums but He must have wanted me there. I walked in the door and Jan came up to me, hugged me, and said, "I am so glad you decided to come, Sherry." She remembered my name sometimes it's the little things that mean so much.
Her husband, Bob, was a very good pastor. He spoke about things that pertained to everyday life. He often would bring lawn mowers or various other power tools in to make his point. Every lesson had a prop and a good message behind it. I remember he said, "To solve a problem you must first eliminate the source." I don't know why, it seems so simple and it's common sense but I use it still. When I find myself trying to solve a problem, I now find myself wondering 'what is the source of this problem and how can I get rid of it?'
We got pretty involved in that church, Awana Clubs, Vacation Bible School, nursery, and even joined bible studies. It seemed as though I found a good church but, did God have more? Could it be that I was lead there for some reason I didn't know yet? I still wasn't sure what it was but I decided I liked that church and I was going to stay.

to be continued...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The early stage...

At one point, my life was crazy. I was searching for happiness somewhere, anywhere. I was determined to find it on the dance floor or at the bottom of that glass.
One day, a friend said to me, "Sherry, what are you doing? Some day, you are going to stand before God and He is going to want to know why you haven't taught your little boy about Him."
There was a
Right there on my face
I was responsible for my son knowing right from wrong. If I didn't change my ways, God was going to hold me responsible for not teaching my son about Him.
I don't know what hit me that day. My parents had always taken us to church. We knew about God. Why wasn't I doing right? There was something that scared the life out of me about standing before the God of our universe and not having an answer for Him.
I started taking Tyler to church. I decided I was going to change my life. There was more out there for me in life.
I remember, in the car, on the way, still trying to get out of it. I said, "God, if Tyler cries when I put him in that nursery, I am leaving!" I even remember telling Mandy about my little prayer. I got a surprise when I walked into that church. Tyler walked into that nursery! Not a single tear! I am a "burning bush" type person. If something is meant for me it has to be right there in front of my face. I guess it was God's way of telling me, "Sherry, I have plans for you...change you life, follow me, and see how I can bless you."
I was scared of the unknown. I wasn't sure where to begin. It was more than going to church. It was a change of heart, of lifestyle, of attitude. Life began to have meaning, a different meaning than before.
I can't tell you I haven't messed up since then. I can tell you that I stopped trying to find happiness in places it wasn't. The road is still being paved but as it's being paved it is being blessed. be continued

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Does it work?

Have you ever prayed for something over and over and it doesn't happen? Have you ever just gotten discouraged because the answer may not be the one you are looking for?
Sometimes, I just don't understand why I go through such a dry spell, not a prayer answered for what seems like forever.
I have prayed for things lately that I wonder if God hears me. I know He does and I want to believe the things I pray are in His will but I am not God.
God is God and I am not that is just the way it is!
I believe in prayer. I believe God hears every one of them. I believe He will answer but it will be in His time.
I prayed for my sister to get better, God had a different plan and it was obviously not the same as mine. Now, here I am still trying to figure out why and how to face tomorrow because it is no easier today than on that day.
I prayed for friends. I have prayed for family. I have prayed for healing. I have prayed for hope. I have prayed for strength. I have prayed for peace. I have prayed for understanding.
God has heard every prayer. He has held every tear. Some day, it will all make sense. Some day, I will see Mandy, my little brother, my grandparents, and anyone else I have lost. Then, it will all make sense.
God answered a prayer for a friend today.
Does it work?
Yes, it does!
Is the timing right?
Yes, it is!
Was it the answer I wanted?
Yes, it was!
Is it always?
No, it is not!
I thank God for being God. For doing the things that I can not do. For holding me up when I fall. For giving me hope when I am hopeless.
Prayer works just believe!