Sunday, January 31, 2010


I often think about the people in my life that God has put there for a particuliar reason. On this day, just a few years ago, my future husband was born. It is amazing to me that God knew that day even though I wasn't born yet that we would be together. He knew that we would meet one day, fall in love, get married and be who we are today. Even though, I often enjoy giving him a hard time about our age difference (like when I was in kindergarten, he was in 8th grade). We were meant to be right where we are. Our lives took us in separate directions, we were in very different places at different times. But none of that matters, what matters now is that we have found each other and I am a happy girl because of it.

I love you and I am thankful for you today and always!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

With every fiber in my body...

First, let me start by saying today we went to Bill's brothers house to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary! I can not even imagine it. When I hugged her I said, "You are a good woman!" Bill said,"She is proof that you can make it 50 years with a Looman man, in case you are having doubts." You know, I love my husband with every fiber in my body. I could never imagine my life with out him. I have absolutely no doubt that as long as we are alive we will make it. It is amazing the effect another person can have on your life. When we have an argument, sometimes it feels like my world is falling apart. But when all is well, life is great.
Anyway, they had a nice little party. It was supposed to be a surprise but someone spilled the beans. I don't stress out as bad when we travel anymore because the kids are getting older and don't get into as much mischief. Isaiah really is the only one we have to keep a close eye on. He is nonstop fun! We were all sitting in they family room, everyone chit chatting, and he comes up to Bill's aunt and calls her a "tuba fart!" She laughs, we tell her it could be worse. Over Christmas break, we had our pastor and his family over for dinner, after dinner we were watching the Cavs game and Isaiah sat next to him on the couch, lifted his little butt cheek and "tuba tooted" on his leg! I gotta tell with every fiber in my body...I LOVE THAT KID!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

God's will?

Recently, Bill asked a question on facebook about choosing the sex of a you think it is wrong? The post drew a lot of responses and a bunch of them had to do with God's will. little brain started ticking. God's will is tricky, do we really know what it is or are we just trying to impose ours? I know there are times when there is a "burning bush" in front of us and then we can be sure but other times God's will is confusing. There was a lot of talk about "playing God" and how you shouldn't do it but, are you really looking at it from all angles? What about things like "the pill?" Why is it okay to prevent having babies? Is that not playing God? You are choosing to keep from having a baby that you don't want to have. If it is God's will that is what you are concerned about then why not trust Him after all, He won't give you anything you can't handle...Right? How about terminal illness? What about cancer? You all know that this is a disease that has hit home with me. God willed Mandy to have cancer. She trusted Him, went to doctors who tried to help her. She used modern technology to try to prolong and possibly save her life. Was she "playing God" because she didn't let nature take it's course. Before considering it wrong look at the big picture, put yourself in the other persons shoes. I don't think it is wrong to increase your odds, people do it everyday. I know this is my opinion and I would never push it on anyone. I am talking as a mom of 4 healthy boys, who I love and am thankful for, but I would be lying if I told you I don't have a yearning for a little girl. My boys were given to me by God and I wouldn't want it any other way. I am sure there are thousands of people who have always dreamed of a little girl (or boy) and if modern technology can help them fulfil a dream, why not take advantage of it if that is their prerogative?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last Friday was a snow day for the kids. My mom called and asked if I wanted to take them sledding. Here are a few pictures from the day in no real order.

It is hard enough to walk up the hill on your own imagine pulling Isaiah.

Better get out of his way, he stopped for no one!
Grandma and Joshua

Grandpa giving a helping hand.

I know he is smiling here but he was not happy about being out in the cold. He gets that from his mom!
Jacob having a blast!
Full speed ahead!
Tyler and his snowboard have become inseparable these days!
All that work to drag the sled up the hill for the thrill of going down.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our trip to the Festival of Lights

The Monday after Christmas, we packed up the kids and headed for West Virginia for the Festival of Lights. We have been looking for a new family tradition for a while now and I think we found one. Of course, our trip was not without incident. We were all packed, ready to go, and no shoes for Jacob...they are gone, vanished into thin air! So, we put an old pair of Tyler's (size 3) boots and off we went. now, our plans included a stop at the shoe store!
We stopped at Applebee's for a late lunch and it was off to the hotel to do some swimming, one of my kids favorite pass times!

Don't ever let Bill tell you he doesn't play video games!

I thought the advent candles were pretty.

I took a picture of the Precious Moments becausse they reminded me of Mandy. She had a collection of them.

Every boy loves dinosaurs!
Isaiah loved the drive thru Tunnel of Lights.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nothing worse than...

a wet toilet seat!

That would have been another good name for my blog!

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there and because that is how I started my day. Those who have boys know exactly what I mean. Picking up the seat must be just as hard as putting it down!

So, while I am on the subject of those kids of mine...

If you read Delilah's blog you know that on New Year's Eve Isaiah, Elise and Avery (I am sure led by the infamous Isaiah) flooded our upstairs. I should have known it was too quiet! The water started leaking through the floor and onto our new bar. If you have read my blog before then you read about the first time it happened!

Last night, the kids and I watched the movie "UP!" it's a cute movie. I remember when Tyler was younger Bill took him "snipe" hunting. Now, the other three want to go. As we are watching the movie Isaiah comes and sits on my lap because he is afraid of the snipe. He pulls my feet up on the couch and says, "Don't put your feet down there, the snipe will get you." Then my tenderhearted Joshua runs behind the couch and I ask him what he is doing. He is crying and upset about another part in the movie where he thinks they are going to leave "Dug" the dog behind. And this morning Isaiah brings me a bag full of wooden blocks ("snipe food" he said). We go downstairs and he starts looking for that darn snipe again! And we had to watch the movie one more time.

After breakfast and a movie, I am sitting on the couch with Isaiah and he says "I want to give you a kiss" I jokingly say "No" and start moving my head from side to side and I am yelling for "HELP!" (No one came to my rescue, by the way). After playing around for a few minutes, he stops trying to kiss me and says "Stop screaming! You sound like a little girl!) Hmmm... I wonder where he has heard that?

Anyway, we are off to go sled riding with Grandma. Enjoy the snow everyone.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Break?

They must call it a "break" because it's a break for teachers (and they deserve it). I have a new respect for teachers and what they do since I have been volunteering at the school but that is a post for a different day.

We stayed busy everyday. We caught up with friends we hadn't seen in a while (the 23rd), had my family over for Christmas Eve, went to visit Bill's family in Mingo Junction for Christmas, had an after Christmas party at my uncles house, unfortunately, had a funeral back in Mingo Junction (the 27th), spent the night in West Virginia to see the lights at Oglebay (the 28th and 29th), had our pastor and his family over (the 30th), actually let all the kids stay up for New Years with the Millers, did some shopping on the 1st and 2nd (got some great deals), and then had adult game night with the Millers (the 3rd).

I tell you all this not because I am complaining because I enjoyed every minute of our "break." Being busy is not a bad thing when you spend it with people you enjoy to be around. I just have not been able to blog and as soon as I get my camera to download I will post some pictures and fill you in on the details of our busyness.