Friday, January 8, 2010

Nothing worse than...

a wet toilet seat!

That would have been another good name for my blog!

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there and because that is how I started my day. Those who have boys know exactly what I mean. Picking up the seat must be just as hard as putting it down!

So, while I am on the subject of those kids of mine...

If you read Delilah's blog you know that on New Year's Eve Isaiah, Elise and Avery (I am sure led by the infamous Isaiah) flooded our upstairs. I should have known it was too quiet! The water started leaking through the floor and onto our new bar. If you have read my blog before then you read about the first time it happened!

Last night, the kids and I watched the movie "UP!" it's a cute movie. I remember when Tyler was younger Bill took him "snipe" hunting. Now, the other three want to go. As we are watching the movie Isaiah comes and sits on my lap because he is afraid of the snipe. He pulls my feet up on the couch and says, "Don't put your feet down there, the snipe will get you." Then my tenderhearted Joshua runs behind the couch and I ask him what he is doing. He is crying and upset about another part in the movie where he thinks they are going to leave "Dug" the dog behind. And this morning Isaiah brings me a bag full of wooden blocks ("snipe food" he said). We go downstairs and he starts looking for that darn snipe again! And we had to watch the movie one more time.

After breakfast and a movie, I am sitting on the couch with Isaiah and he says "I want to give you a kiss" I jokingly say "No" and start moving my head from side to side and I am yelling for "HELP!" (No one came to my rescue, by the way). After playing around for a few minutes, he stops trying to kiss me and says "Stop screaming! You sound like a little girl!) Hmmm... I wonder where he has heard that?

Anyway, we are off to go sled riding with Grandma. Enjoy the snow everyone.

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