Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A quick story...

So, yesterday, Bill came home from a doctors appointment for Joshua. Joshua ran upstairs to go the the bathroom and runs back outside. Isaiah goes up to the bathroom next and I am in the kitchen talking to Bill. I hear Isaiah call me but decided I was going to finish my sentence before I answer (not smart) when he calls again, "Mom, come see what the water is doing!" So, I run upstairs and hear water before I am half way up. Someone, (I think it was Joshua because he has been known to fill up the sink), plugged the sink and left the water run. We had a half inch of water on the floor, it was coming over the edge of the sink, out of the drawers under the sink, and was running into the hallway! As we are sopping up the mess, Jacob comes yelling, "Dad! There is water coming down in the kitchen!" Apparently, it had soaked through the floor, it was coming down the door jam between our dining room and kitchen and coming out of the ceiling fan!
Like I have said before...NEVER a dull moment!

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Cassie said...

holy cow! NEVER DULL!