Friday, December 11, 2009

I "elfed" my kids

Isn't that wrong???

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Status update

Facebook asks for a status update, well, there is not enough room for an update so I will blog it.

*First, let me start by saying, Bill has been out of town all week and isn't due back until tomorrow. So, that means nonstop fun for me.

*I have been so busy I didn't even make a birthday blog for Tyler so let me first start by saying...
(I know I posted it on facebook but I needed to say it here)

*Jacob had his winter concert on Tuesday. It was very cute but, oh so crowded! How many people can they fit into the elementary school gym? It was packed! Jacob actually sang and did the motions...that is a big step for him.

*Wednesday morning Tyler started my car so I can take him to school and locked the keys in it! So, I call the police and you know it can't just go smooth! I was in tears when he told me the only way he could unlock it would leave a mark! When I called Bill after the policeman opened the door, I cried, he probably thought the car was totaled the way I was carrying on. It's fixable and only as big as this "O" but it's my car, my new car!

*Joshua got in trouble in school again (as if the car wasn't enough for one day). The boy loves to color and he keeps coloring pictures he is not supposed to color yet! Of all things to get in trouble for...coloring?!?!

*and on a different note, exactly how big does the hole in the toilet have to be before a boy can hit the target? GRRRRRR!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009