Monday, May 17, 2010

"Great Protector"

The other day I was listening to Jacob and Joshua playing hot wheels together. I hear Jacob say, "Can I borrow your shot gun? I need to shoot a deer." Joshua says, "Just don't shoot the babies...(pause)...and don't shoot the moms either!" So, I ask him why he doesn't want Jacob to "shoot" the moms and he says, "Because they are protecting their babies!" I then asked him if people moms are the same way and he said yes.
It's funny that he said that because Bill calls me the "Great Protector" and maybe I am. If I could I would never let any hurt come into my kids lives. I know that is not possible but what kind of mom would I be, if my natural instinct wasn't to protect. Nothing hurts me more than seeing them go through something that is out of my control or something I don't have answers for.
And just a random tidbit: The other day we were at Steak-n-Shake and there was this couple who were senior citizens. They were sitting next to each other, sharing their food and talking to each other...I hope that I am in love like that after all the kids have gone. It was so nice to see love that is forever.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My coupon book

For Mother's Day this year, Jacob made me a coupon book at school. I just thought I would share with you the coupons I get to choose from.

~I will clean my room
(He forgot to add without arguing and complaining)

~I will make you breakfast
(Bill said, "Oh no!")

~We will take a walk
(Oh, will we?)

~I will let you choose the game
(At first,I was confused but then figured out he was talking about the Wii)

~I will let you pick a show
(This one really made me laugh because the DVR in our living room might as well be labeled, for kids only, because I am not sure there is a show recorded for anyone over the age of 8)

I am sure that I will forever cherish that book, never "cashing" in a coupon because I don't want to rip it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life ain't always beautiful...

...sometimes you fight with your husband
...sometimes your teenage son makes you cry
...sometimes your kids tell you to leave them alone
...sometimes when you love someone you have to let them fall as long as they know you are there to catch them
...sometimes life is just hard
but there is always tomorrow and chances are it will be better.

For about the last four years this bird and its mate have made a home on our front porch. That is when I know it is spring. For me, spring reminds me of new beginnings. Often I find myself in a rut, sometimes I think the situation I am going through is the way it's going to be. But as sure as the flowers are going to bloom and those birds are going to come back, things come and go.

And sometimes, no, most times, life is beautiful!

Sometimes I need to be reminded of that