Monday, May 17, 2010

"Great Protector"

The other day I was listening to Jacob and Joshua playing hot wheels together. I hear Jacob say, "Can I borrow your shot gun? I need to shoot a deer." Joshua says, "Just don't shoot the babies...(pause)...and don't shoot the moms either!" So, I ask him why he doesn't want Jacob to "shoot" the moms and he says, "Because they are protecting their babies!" I then asked him if people moms are the same way and he said yes.
It's funny that he said that because Bill calls me the "Great Protector" and maybe I am. If I could I would never let any hurt come into my kids lives. I know that is not possible but what kind of mom would I be, if my natural instinct wasn't to protect. Nothing hurts me more than seeing them go through something that is out of my control or something I don't have answers for.
And just a random tidbit: The other day we were at Steak-n-Shake and there was this couple who were senior citizens. They were sitting next to each other, sharing their food and talking to each other...I hope that I am in love like that after all the kids have gone. It was so nice to see love that is forever.

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