Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Tell her I don't want anything..."

Yesterday, the kids were off school and we didn't have anything planned. I had to help Jacob with a school project. Other than that we were just being lazy. My mom called and asked if we wanted to go to 50 cent Monday at the local thrift store, I told her I would call her back after lunch to let her know. In the mean time I told Tyler that Grandma had called and wants to take him to the thrift store...
"So you can help her pick out your Christmas gift."
"Are you serious?"
"Yes, she doesn't know what to get you and she thought you could give her some ideas."
"Tell her I don't want anything."
"Tyler, you can't tell me that kids at your school don't shop there and besides, when someone wants to buy you a gift you can't act like that and she want you to help her find things for the other kids."
Joshua overhearing says,
"I want Star Wars figures."
"Do you want the ones with arms or no arms?"
"With arms."
"Mom, just tell her to get me a shirt."
"What kind of shirt?"
"A t-shirt"
So, I call her back and tell her what I said to Tyler. When I got off the phone I said, "She told me she only has a three dollar limit so if you stick with 50 cent things that is 6 items."
He must have believed me because he put on his shoes and helped get the kids in the car.
He eventually figured it out but imagine his embarrassment when...
we got out of the car and bumped into his friends girlfriend. His face was red as a beet!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Basketballs behind my tires...

as I am backing out of the driveway. Only happens when you are running a little late just to give you an extra thing to stop the car for.
Pee on the toilet seat, always a pleasant surprise in the morning. So, you reinforce "Pick up the seat!" But I gotta ask, what is the point of lifting the seat if you are not going to hit the hole? Just to leave a flood for me to step in. It is a no win situation for the lonely girl in a house of boys.
Every Thursday the kids have library, "Boys, don't forget your library books!" Every day we pack lunch, "Boys, don't forget your lunch!" "Joshua, don't forget your glasses!"
"Mom, why do you say the same things everyday? You don't have to keep telling us we already know!"
Sure enough...phone rings..."Mom, I forgot my glasses." or I am reading a story in the library when my son walks in, "Mom, I forgot my lunch."
I know random stuff but this is just a small sample of my mornings this along with...
"Don't aggravate your brother!" (300X)
but it is always worth it when you walk into school and the teacher stops you to ask if you went to Florida over the weekend because your son got up and told the class that is what he did over the weekend. When she asked him how he got there, he drove with his family, of course. She explained that wasn't possible and that it was last month that he went with his family on vacation. But he insisted so she left it at that. As we laugh about the "story" and she turns to walk away she asked, "You don't have a private jet that I don't know about, do you?"
I wish...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Someone asked me today...

if I kept a journal. I said no but I do have a blog and if you ever want to know what it is really like at my house just start reading past posts and they are only part of it.

...this morning as I am trying to fix my hair, I notice the kids are being too quiet. Quiet in my house usually means kids are up to no good. I come downstairs to check, sure enough, trouble! I will just say, one of our kittens has stiff fur from the spray starch! How and why do you think of such things?

...last night we walk in the door (I didn't even have my shoes off yet, that is how quick they are!), one of them heads straight upstairs, gets my hair spray and starts to spray a dollar bill to the towel chest. Why? Because I forgot to put the hair spray away shame on me.

...lately, it has been, "Mom, so and so said the f-word." Sometimes, its the b-word, s- word, or d-word. I can't handle it especially when they say it out in public! The people around us do not know that the f-word is fart, the b-word is butt, the s-word is stupid and the d-word is dumb! They just look at us a little funny.

But they are so cute...if I had a nickel for every time I heard that! Sure, they are good looking kids but unfortunately good looks does not mean good behavior.
I love these kids, really, I do. When Bill and I are sitting here with nothing to fix and no one to yell at I will read this and probably cry and wish that just one more time someone would yell...