Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Basketballs behind my tires...

as I am backing out of the driveway. Only happens when you are running a little late just to give you an extra thing to stop the car for.
Pee on the toilet seat, always a pleasant surprise in the morning. So, you reinforce "Pick up the seat!" But I gotta ask, what is the point of lifting the seat if you are not going to hit the hole? Just to leave a flood for me to step in. It is a no win situation for the lonely girl in a house of boys.
Every Thursday the kids have library, "Boys, don't forget your library books!" Every day we pack lunch, "Boys, don't forget your lunch!" "Joshua, don't forget your glasses!"
"Mom, why do you say the same things everyday? You don't have to keep telling us we already know!"
Sure rings..."Mom, I forgot my glasses." or I am reading a story in the library when my son walks in, "Mom, I forgot my lunch."
I know random stuff but this is just a small sample of my mornings this along with...
"Don't aggravate your brother!" (300X)
but it is always worth it when you walk into school and the teacher stops you to ask if you went to Florida over the weekend because your son got up and told the class that is what he did over the weekend. When she asked him how he got there, he drove with his family, of course. She explained that wasn't possible and that it was last month that he went with his family on vacation. But he insisted so she left it at that. As we laugh about the "story" and she turns to walk away she asked, "You don't have a private jet that I don't know about, do you?"
I wish...

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