Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gimme a V...

The Looman's took a family vacation. The first one ever, if you can believe that!

We stayed a five star resort, if you can believe that!

Didn't get thrown out for rowdy kids and managed to not break anything, if you can believe that!

Seriously, it was a really good time. Just give my kids water to play in and they are happy as can be! The beach is definitely the perfect spot for them. They all want to move to Florida and I am thinking they may be on to something! I am still sorting through pictures but I will definitely post them.

If I learned anything this past week it would be to not take anything for granted. I have been so blessed beyond what I deserve. God has been good to me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My list is a mile long... I think I will write a blog post!

So, this past weekend we had a reception for my brother and his new wife. I love weddings. You can just feel so much love in the air and it rekindles the love in your own marriage.

It was a really nice party. They had a pig roast and Tyler said, "After seeing that pig, I'm not so sure I can eat pork anymore." I am not sure I believe him. Isaiah was so stinkin' cute. He found out that if you rattle the party favors the bride and groom had to kiss. In middle of eating dinner he stands up on his chair, yells "Uncle Matt!" Then, "shake, shake shake" He sits down and laughs then does it all over again, he is a ham! Jacob sang some karaoke. He did really good but I think he had a slight case of stage fright. Of course, I start crying during the mother/son dance. I think it was the song, "My wish" by Rascal Flatts. I lost it, but all the people who came up and hugged me they must have known because they all said the same thing, "Sherry, she's here and she's watching." Am I that transparent? Anyway, Bill had to leave right after dinner to head to Boulder. It really is no fun at a reception without a date. But we made it through and I just want to wish my brother and Lindsay all the best. My advice was not to take a day for granted, marriage is a wonderful thing!
Now, that I can check "blog" off my list...maybe I should start packing for Florida?!?