Friday, May 27, 2011

Chasing my own tail?

It is really funny to watch a cat chase it's tail...not so funny when it's me.
My days are the same, everyday the same. I am okay with it most of the time. But sometimes, it makes me crazy.
Like when you clean the house...
You clean one room, go onto the next, come back into the first and think to yourself, "Did I not just spend and hour, maybe two cleaning?"
As far as kids bedrooms go, I think there should be an unwritten law: Close the door so nobody sees inside until you are old enough to keep it clean yourself.
Simple and saves me the hassle...yeah right, if only!
Then, there are pillows! The pillows for our couches spend more time on the floor than they do on the couch. Every time, you walk through the living room you bend over pick them up go up stairs or wherever you were headed come back and there they are...on the floor again! Then, you think to yourself, "Did I not just pick these up the last time I walked through?"
The cat litter box...Why is it that the minute I put the lid back on after cleaning it a cat has to go take care of business. Never fails, every time! Around and around we go!
Oh, and should I dare talk about the bathroom? I get the most frustrated with this room! There are days when my lungs are burning from the bleach smell! Finally, it is clean then wouldn't you know...someone's gotta go!

I remember when I first started blogging I said I should have named my blog, "Will my bathroom ever be clean again?" now I am thinking it should be...
"When will the hole on the toilet be big enough?" or
"If you can't make it in the hole, please, sit down!"
The list could go on...
"Does anyone but mom know where the hamper is?"
"Is it really necessary to hit your brother as you walk by?"
"How many times do I have to tell you not to climb on the counter?"
"Go sit in your bed and don't come down until you are ready to behave!"
"Stop slamming doors before someone loses a finger!"
"Can we please enjoy a meal without the arguing?"
"When will I learn that if the kids are quiet, it's not a good thing!?!?"
or we could go with, simply...
"Now, what's broken?"
because when I call Bill at work that is usually the first thing that comes out of his mouth!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Family tree

Why is it so hard for kids to understand? I don't know if its all kids or just mine. But trying to figure out the concept of a family tree gets them every time.
I dread when they start questioning things.
Having a blended family brings up a lot of questions. I remember Jacob asking Jenna if her dad died because in his young mind none of it made sense. How was she his sister? Why was she calling his dad "dad"? Who was her mom?
Poor Isaiah thinks that when you grow up you either become a mom or dad. Sounds right?!? Not exactly! He insists that he is going to be the dad and either Joshua or Jacob are going to be the mom. Because he is not going to be the one who turns into a girl! Then when they try to tell him they will all have their own wives, he gets upset, "MOM! Tell them I am going to be the dad!" It's impossible...he'll get it soon enough.
When Tyler said to Isaiah, "When I have a kid..." I said, "In twenty years, right?"..."You will be an uncle." "NO! I AM NOT GOING TO BE A GIRL!" "An uncle is a boy, an aunt is a girl" "MMMOOMMM!, Tell him!"
Simple concept? Not really! Something tells me he doesn't want to be a girl :)
I remember when they asked me who my mom and dad were. I told them grandma and grandpa. They didn't get that at first either. For some reason, Bill was supposed to be my dad because he is their dad. It seems so simple but I guess in their minds it didn't make sense.

But all those questions were simple compared to what Joshua asked this weekend, "Mom, I know that I am your kid because I came out of your belly but how can I be dad's?"
Joshua has a question for you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"You're a classroom celebrity"

Today, when I got to Joshua's class to help the kids his teacher came out to the hall to tell me I was a "classroom celebrity." She heard all about Joshua's party. I told her there was one point during the party I told them I was going to have her come over to keep them in line because she lives around the corner. She said I should have! She is a really good teacher. I think I have said it before but I will say it again, teachers are very special people and they do not get the respect they deserve. I am guilty, I never realized what they did until I volunteered as much as I do. I told Bill they should put me on payroll. He said, "Why? Then, you wouldn't enjoy it as much." He's right. I am glad I get a chance to be in the school with my kids.
Anyway, back to Joshua's teacher, she said this weekend she had her dads 88th birthday party and they put 88 candles on the cake! She showed me the picture. I told her she is lucky I am not going to have a first grader next year or I would bring her a cake with a lot of candles on it!
And, since we are talking kids, have you ever wanted to bottle giggles. I love to hear kids giggle. you know, the giggle when they are watching Tom and Jerry and they don't realize you are listening. If there was a way to bottle it and open it years later just to hear them giggle again. You would never be sad, if you felt a sad moment coming on you would just open the bottle. Who doesn't smile at the sound of a happy kid? It's those little things that you miss.
And, since we are talking about missing things, lately people have been telling me about things I am going to miss. Giggles and hugs and kisses, I will miss. But, when you tell me I am going to miss the fighting and bickering and arguing, I am not so sure. Getting notes like this...

you can bet I'll miss!
(Bill wants to know why he is an after thought though?)