Monday, May 23, 2011

Family tree

Why is it so hard for kids to understand? I don't know if its all kids or just mine. But trying to figure out the concept of a family tree gets them every time.
I dread when they start questioning things.
Having a blended family brings up a lot of questions. I remember Jacob asking Jenna if her dad died because in his young mind none of it made sense. How was she his sister? Why was she calling his dad "dad"? Who was her mom?
Poor Isaiah thinks that when you grow up you either become a mom or dad. Sounds right?!? Not exactly! He insists that he is going to be the dad and either Joshua or Jacob are going to be the mom. Because he is not going to be the one who turns into a girl! Then when they try to tell him they will all have their own wives, he gets upset, "MOM! Tell them I am going to be the dad!" It's impossible...he'll get it soon enough.
When Tyler said to Isaiah, "When I have a kid..." I said, "In twenty years, right?"..."You will be an uncle." "NO! I AM NOT GOING TO BE A GIRL!" "An uncle is a boy, an aunt is a girl" "MMMOOMMM!, Tell him!"
Simple concept? Not really! Something tells me he doesn't want to be a girl :)
I remember when they asked me who my mom and dad were. I told them grandma and grandpa. They didn't get that at first either. For some reason, Bill was supposed to be my dad because he is their dad. It seems so simple but I guess in their minds it didn't make sense.

But all those questions were simple compared to what Joshua asked this weekend, "Mom, I know that I am your kid because I came out of your belly but how can I be dad's?"
Joshua has a question for you!


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