Friday, October 30, 2009

Isaiah at it again...

My dad watches my kids for me on Thursday afternoon so that I am able to go read to Jacob's class in the library. Things were going okay for him until last week when Isaiah told him he was going to the bathroom and tore up the bathroom instead. Well, he came back this week and Isaiah struck again!

Since we are finishing up the bathroom remodel all of the tools, paint, and stuff is still upstairs. So, the story goes like this...

I just walked in the door and my dad says things went okay. The only thing Isaiah did was bring Bill's drill downstairs and my dad put it up. Well, as he is telling me this I am wondering "Where is he now?" So, I go to check on him and as I am going up the stairs he is coming down and says "THAT WAS FUN!!!" I say, "What was fun?" He says, "I painted my TD!" Oh yes, that little booger opened the paint and painted the TV in his room along with part of the dresser, part of the wall, and door frame. As if that wasn't enough, he used one of my new white towels to clean some of his mess (he couldn't have grabbed the green one that matches the paint perfectly!) I have no pictures because dad and I had to hurry and clean it up before it dried!

No real harm done, it all came off but I may have lost a babysitter over it. My poor dad...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My new bathroom

Last Saturday, my husband decided to do this to our bathroom...

Now, he did tell me he was planning on redoing it but I had no idea he was just going to gut it one morning! After he took everything out, we went to buy everything we needed to put it back together. We had a bucket in the basement for the boys and I ran to McDonald's when necessary.

I stepped outside my box with this project. I am, or so I thought I was, the neutral type but I think I may have started something. Now, I want to paint the rest of the house. Anyway, here is what it looks like now. All that is left are the baseboards and towel racks.

Friday, October 23, 2009


It' not because I don't have anything to write's just finding the time!
We took the kids to Kalahari last weekend. It was fun and they really loved it. Bill and I had no time to relax though so it was definitely a kids weekend!

Tyler and Joshua standing under the big bucket that dumps water after it fills up.

Tyler did try to surf but that didn't work out so well. He needs a little more practice but he did good on the boogie board.

Jacob walking across the lily pads. Poor Joshua was so upset he was about an inch too short.

Isaiah loved the little kiddie area.

Joshua being a ham!

Tyler and the big cement elephant.

The whole crew in front of the big rhino in the lobby.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A trip to the fire station

Yesterday, I walked to the fire station with Isaiah and Elise's preschool class. They got to hear about fire safety, see a fire man in all his gear and sit in a firetruck.

Their teachers assistant says to me..."I think Isaiah and Elise are really good friends." I told her that her mom and I are good friends. Anyway, there they are on the back of the truck.

And here they are inside...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It is not new news to anyone who knows us but for those of you who don't...our family doesn't eat onions. Bill is allergic to them, I have never liked them (worked out perfect for us), Tyler will eat them but the rest of the kids will not. I like the smell of cooked onions, I have chopped my share working at an Italian restaurant. We have never forced our will on our kids but for some reason they don't like them especially Jacob. Last night, we stopped at Wendy's to eat dinner. Jacob and Joshua ordered the cheeseburger kids meals. They came with onions, we didn't know so we didn't order them special. Jacob ate 3/4 of his sandwich and found a very small piece of an onion. He got so angry and almost made himself throw up. We told him that he didn't have to finish it but if he ate almost the whole sandwich it must not have been so bad. He was crying and carrying on like he had just found out he ate some sort of hideous creature. He said, "I don't care if they under arrest me! I am going to go back there and yell at them"..."What is wrong with the people who work here"..."Why would you put onions on a kids cheeseburger?"..."I am going to tell them, why didn't you listen to my dad when he said no onions?"..."My french fries taste like onions" He was so mad! All the way home he complained about the onion taste in his mouth! He is such a character but the one thing you have to know about Jacob is he remembers everything! We are going to hear about this for a long time but there is one thing you can be sure of...the next time we go to Wendy's we will make sure to say "no onions" and if we forget, he will remind us!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A fishy story

Over the summer, we took the boys to a goldfish catch. They caught a total of 12 goldfish. They are just little feeder fish and if they make it through the night it's a miracle. This year we have had 2 survivors and they seem to be doing okay. Until, last Sunday, when I noticed there was only one and I couldn't find the other. I found him under the marbles at the bottom of the tank. I waited until the next day, when I had the time, to "fish" him out. I got a metal skewer to move him out of the marbles and hoped he would float to the top. When he moved. He was alive. The poor little guy was stuck under the marbles for at least a day. When he came out he was swimming in a bent sort of sideways way. I actually felt bad for him,I fed him and talked to son Tyler thought I was nuts as he stood there watching his mom talk to a goldfish. I know he's just a goldfish but I didn't want him to go out like that. I really didn't think he was going to make it through the night but he did and the other fish doesn't have to be lonely. Go ahead you can say it...I have lost my mind but we already knew that before I talked to the fish.