Sunday, October 4, 2009

A fishy story

Over the summer, we took the boys to a goldfish catch. They caught a total of 12 goldfish. They are just little feeder fish and if they make it through the night it's a miracle. This year we have had 2 survivors and they seem to be doing okay. Until, last Sunday, when I noticed there was only one and I couldn't find the other. I found him under the marbles at the bottom of the tank. I waited until the next day, when I had the time, to "fish" him out. I got a metal skewer to move him out of the marbles and hoped he would float to the top. When he moved. He was alive. The poor little guy was stuck under the marbles for at least a day. When he came out he was swimming in a bent sort of sideways way. I actually felt bad for him,I fed him and talked to son Tyler thought I was nuts as he stood there watching his mom talk to a goldfish. I know he's just a goldfish but I didn't want him to go out like that. I really didn't think he was going to make it through the night but he did and the other fish doesn't have to be lonely. Go ahead you can say it...I have lost my mind but we already knew that before I talked to the fish.


Cassie said...

hahaha! I would have screamed like a "Freak" when that thing swam!

Natalie said...

Believe it or not but Larissa has had 2 goldfish from "the catch" for over 2 years now!

Sherry said...

I believe it. We seem to always have a couple that live for a while but as a warning...they don't like Fruity Pebbles. Isaiah fed them one morning, they didn't make it.