Saturday, July 31, 2010

More than I bargained for...

A few weeks ago I turned away a kitten from a friend because I wasn't sure I was ready to have a cat. We would have to get it declawed and spayed. Plus, we were leaving town for a week and didn't know how it would do alone in the house.
Well, the week before there was a stray cat who kept coming to our back door. At first, it ran from me, so I fed it and it became my friend. A few years ago, we had another stray we were going to keep and our neighbor took it and dropped it off on the other side of town and I never saw it again. I didn't want that to happen to this cat so we brought it in the house, she was a good cat, a little lazy and skittish, but good. We have no idea how old she is but she is thin but her belly seemed big. We attempted to take her to the vet last week, but she scratched Bill, pretty good, when he tried to get her in the car and ran off for the day. She came back that night. We had to leave for our trip and decided the vet could wait until next week.
We asked my parents to check on things while we went out of town. We got the call on Thursday!

Oh yeah, five of them! Anyone want a cat?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25th

Today is a day that has forever changed my life. Instead of being sad, I want to take the time to celebrate my sister's life.
Yesterday, on Facebook, I asked you to share a memory of Mandy and here is what you had to say...
Marcia Marshall~i can only think of her laughter and sweet smile right now. she's so sweet. she is one of our saintly connections to Heaven.
Rebecca Reynolds~I just love when Mandi would always smile and just roll her eyes when Jon was being his silly self!
Cassie Jebber~I remember her blushing. And giggling every time she felt embarrassed. Oh How I loved watching her face turn the brightest shade of crimson. She turned bashful so easy and I miss that so much. I love you Sherry. I miss you Mandy
Heather Galioto~A very short time before Mandy went to be w/ her Heavenly Father...her and Jon stopped by our home. We sat in the house and visited and laughed and laughed. Mandy's heart and spirit are unmatched!!! Kev and I also came across some photos from M & J's wedding and that time we went to the pumpkin patch. I also look at my girls on occasion and pray that they have a sisterly relationship that mirrors yours and Mandy's. Love and prayers to you Sherry tonight and every night!
David Walter~I used to have a great time with Mandi and Jon after Pageant practices at On Tap.... She was a great person...and will always be missed.
Chrissie Hahn~Oh where do I begin...she is a one of a kind person who has touched my life forever. The other day I was thinking of her and tonight too. I remember when we took our vacations with each other at the beach. Her face when it lit up over silly... things and the many many times we laughed together and the crazy stuff we did. Memories with her go on and on. Grace found a picture today of Mandy that I had and was asking about her and I told her that she is a special person that loved her very much! Sherry I am here if you need to talk anytime.
Bill Looman~I remember, before Sherry and I got married, I was teasing Mandy about something and this timid, easily embarrassed soft spoken girl (who was obviously a WWE fan) gave me the "crotch chop". I also remember once, Jon and I were out doing something (don't remember what) and when we got home, her and Sherry were on the floor with a bunch of empty wine cooler bottles acting all liquored up. She is a very special girl who loved her husband, family and niece and nephew's very much and without condition. She was the little sister I never had. I miss you Amanda Sue!
When I think of my sister, I think of her big heart. I have never met a person with a bigger, kinder heart. She cared about even the spiders that made it into her house, (me, I vacuumed them, her, she put them in a cup and returned them outside). Every time, I had a problem, she had the answer. When I wanted to quit, she kept me going. When I needed a shoulder, hug or tissue to wipe my eyes, there she was. When I just wanted to talk, she listened. When I needed a break from my kids, she babysat.
I miss her everyday. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about her, wished I could hear her voice and give her the biggest hug ever.
I love you and I miss you
Manda Sue, Mandalena, Aunt Manden, Aunt Mandy
Amanda Sue Starnes
Many different names, One great girl!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Where did it go?

Summer vacation is just flying by. It is hard to believe school starts in just a little more than a month.

I wish I could add a couple more weeks because there is so much more I want to do.

I want to take my kids to the Safari. I found one that you don't have to take your car through. I am excited about that. Isaiah has been asking to go and we have been putting it off in order to save my car. Hopefully, this Safari is just as good and from the looks of the website it is.

I want to have a "Lightning Bug Party," yeah, you heard me right. I think I saw the idea in Family Fun Magazine. You invite your friends with their kids, have S'mores, then the kids catch lightning bugs and the one who catches the most gets a prize of some sort. I thought it was such a cute idea and I will get to it!

I want to take the kids to the beach or water park. It is something they love. I have never seen kids who like the water as much as mine. They will swim for eight hours straight!

My mom likes to take them to Deer Park every year. She has a few days off next month and is planning on going.

I know by the size of this list that it must sound like we have done nothing this summer but we have been busy and have already done so much.

I guess I am just a little sad summer is coming to an end and the kids will be in school. Some days, I think I would love a break from them but others I am sad because I like spending time with them.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jacob made this card and brought it into our bedroom early this morning. I don't know what the occasion was, I guess he was feeling thankful because I didn't do anything special to deserve it.
(The sideways writing says, "By the way, never take a shark to the dentist." It is the title of a book I bought him. It is full of things you shouldn't do like take a giraffe to the movies or play checkers with a spider.)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Goldfish Catch...

As crazy as it sounds, we love to go to the goldfish catch! The place is an absolute mad house but it is worth it. The kids love getting in the water and catching those fish. This year we caught about 15. We had one left from last year. I don't think he likes his new company, he hides at the bottom of the tank. He may be mad at us. I always thought he was lonely but I guess not!
Anyway, it has been a very emotional, crazy, busy month and I am honestly glad it is almost over.
Like I said in my previous post, distractions have been nice but sometimes reality smacks you in the face and you realize you can't run from things.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Usually, I am not a big fan of distractions but this past weekend I didn't mind at all.

Friday night, we went to Rockin' on the River. The band was not the greatest but we did meet up with some good friends and had a good time.

Saturday, I did some baking for church, we did some shopping, then, that night our neighbors came over to swim. We enjoyed a fire, pizza, and maybe, a few drinks.

Sunday, we went to church, came home and swam (and maybe we had a drink or two) until our neighbors brought us dinner and then, it was off to Blossom for fireworks.

Monday, Uncle Jon came over for breakfast. We went to the parade. The kids love the parade but, me not so much, especially when it is 90 outside! We left before it was over and you are not going to believe it but we came home and swam!

Somewhere in there, I did take time to think about my sister and how, if she were here with us, we would have have the same busy weekend. The only difference, we would have had a party with a big cake to celebrate her turning the big 30!

Friday, July 2, 2010

What a cry baby...

I am such a cry baby at times it blows my mind.
My kids were at basketball camp this week and I tried to get there early when I picked them up so I could watch a little bit.
When I got there yesterday, they were playing a game and every time one of them attempted a shot, I fought tears back. Then, they had a relay race. They had to dribble down the court, make a basket (or try until they made it), dribble to half court and slam dunk then bounce pass to the next guy. Well, I was wondering how many times they would shoot before they made it...they made it on the first try! I have tears in my eyes, seriously, what is wrong with me?
And speaking of tears, afterwards, Jacob ran right by me and into the hall while I waited for Joshua. Joshua and I walked downstairs. No Jacob. Out to the front desk. No Jacob. So, we walked back upstairs thinking maybe he went to the drinking fountain. No Jacob. Back down the stairs we go to see if he was at the desk or if someone had seen a lost boy. As we are walking down the stairs, he is walking up with a lady that works there. He is crying, hysterically! He thought I had left him?!? I don't get it, I have never left him anywhere alone. When we got out to the truck I asked him if he liked that scared feeling and if he learned anything?
You can bet that today after camp, he stayed right by my side!