Friday, July 23, 2010

Where did it go?

Summer vacation is just flying by. It is hard to believe school starts in just a little more than a month.

I wish I could add a couple more weeks because there is so much more I want to do.

I want to take my kids to the Safari. I found one that you don't have to take your car through. I am excited about that. Isaiah has been asking to go and we have been putting it off in order to save my car. Hopefully, this Safari is just as good and from the looks of the website it is.

I want to have a "Lightning Bug Party," yeah, you heard me right. I think I saw the idea in Family Fun Magazine. You invite your friends with their kids, have S'mores, then the kids catch lightning bugs and the one who catches the most gets a prize of some sort. I thought it was such a cute idea and I will get to it!

I want to take the kids to the beach or water park. It is something they love. I have never seen kids who like the water as much as mine. They will swim for eight hours straight!

My mom likes to take them to Deer Park every year. She has a few days off next month and is planning on going.

I know by the size of this list that it must sound like we have done nothing this summer but we have been busy and have already done so much.

I guess I am just a little sad summer is coming to an end and the kids will be in school. Some days, I think I would love a break from them but others I am sad because I like spending time with them.

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