Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Usually, I am not a big fan of distractions but this past weekend I didn't mind at all.

Friday night, we went to Rockin' on the River. The band was not the greatest but we did meet up with some good friends and had a good time.

Saturday, I did some baking for church, we did some shopping, then, that night our neighbors came over to swim. We enjoyed a fire, pizza, and maybe, a few drinks.

Sunday, we went to church, came home and swam (and maybe we had a drink or two) until our neighbors brought us dinner and then, it was off to Blossom for fireworks.

Monday, Uncle Jon came over for breakfast. We went to the parade. The kids love the parade but, me not so much, especially when it is 90 outside! We left before it was over and you are not going to believe it but we came home and swam!

Somewhere in there, I did take time to think about my sister and how, if she were here with us, we would have have the same busy weekend. The only difference, we would have had a party with a big cake to celebrate her turning the big 30!

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