Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"You're a classroom celebrity"

Today, when I got to Joshua's class to help the kids his teacher came out to the hall to tell me I was a "classroom celebrity." She heard all about Joshua's party. I told her there was one point during the party I told them I was going to have her come over to keep them in line because she lives around the corner. She said I should have! She is a really good teacher. I think I have said it before but I will say it again, teachers are very special people and they do not get the respect they deserve. I am guilty, I never realized what they did until I volunteered as much as I do. I told Bill they should put me on payroll. He said, "Why? Then, you wouldn't enjoy it as much." He's right. I am glad I get a chance to be in the school with my kids.
Anyway, back to Joshua's teacher, she said this weekend she had her dads 88th birthday party and they put 88 candles on the cake! She showed me the picture. I told her she is lucky I am not going to have a first grader next year or I would bring her a cake with a lot of candles on it!
And, since we are talking kids, have you ever wanted to bottle giggles. I love to hear kids giggle. you know, the giggle when they are watching Tom and Jerry and they don't realize you are listening. If there was a way to bottle it and open it years later just to hear them giggle again. You would never be sad, if you felt a sad moment coming on you would just open the bottle. Who doesn't smile at the sound of a happy kid? It's those little things that you miss.
And, since we are talking about missing things, lately people have been telling me about things I am going to miss. Giggles and hugs and kisses, I will miss. But, when you tell me I am going to miss the fighting and bickering and arguing, I am not so sure. Getting notes like this...

you can bet I'll miss!
(Bill wants to know why he is an after thought though?)

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