Monday, May 10, 2010

My coupon book

For Mother's Day this year, Jacob made me a coupon book at school. I just thought I would share with you the coupons I get to choose from.

~I will clean my room
(He forgot to add without arguing and complaining)

~I will make you breakfast
(Bill said, "Oh no!")

~We will take a walk
(Oh, will we?)

~I will let you choose the game
(At first,I was confused but then figured out he was talking about the Wii)

~I will let you pick a show
(This one really made me laugh because the DVR in our living room might as well be labeled, for kids only, because I am not sure there is a show recorded for anyone over the age of 8)

I am sure that I will forever cherish that book, never "cashing" in a coupon because I don't want to rip it.

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marcia said...

You're an amazing family. :-)