Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am so proud

This past week my son started a whole new chapter in his life. He has started high school. I am not sure where the past 14 almost 15 years went but my little boy has growing up to be a young man that I am so proud of. Along with his college prep classes, he is taking drafting, architectural drawing, and wants to add wood working to next semester.

He has also started high school football. This past Thursday he took the field for the very first time. The day he got his jersey (#13), he was so excited. I am proud of him for his dedication, he has been practicing since the end of May to get ready for this big day. My eyes were filled with tears as he ran out on the field.

I have never big a huge football fan but I will be there every chance I get to cheer my son on because he is doing something he enjoys.


marcia said...

yay, tyler!!!!

(i heart you, tyler.)

Cassie said...

Great job Tyler!! You too Mom

Mandy said...

Awesome! 13 is my favorite number and was my field hockey number too! It's good luck!