Saturday, January 16, 2010

With every fiber in my body...

First, let me start by saying today we went to Bill's brothers house to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary! I can not even imagine it. When I hugged her I said, "You are a good woman!" Bill said,"She is proof that you can make it 50 years with a Looman man, in case you are having doubts." You know, I love my husband with every fiber in my body. I could never imagine my life with out him. I have absolutely no doubt that as long as we are alive we will make it. It is amazing the effect another person can have on your life. When we have an argument, sometimes it feels like my world is falling apart. But when all is well, life is great.
Anyway, they had a nice little party. It was supposed to be a surprise but someone spilled the beans. I don't stress out as bad when we travel anymore because the kids are getting older and don't get into as much mischief. Isaiah really is the only one we have to keep a close eye on. He is nonstop fun! We were all sitting in they family room, everyone chit chatting, and he comes up to Bill's aunt and calls her a "tuba fart!" She laughs, we tell her it could be worse. Over Christmas break, we had our pastor and his family over for dinner, after dinner we were watching the Cavs game and Isaiah sat next to him on the couch, lifted his little butt cheek and "tuba tooted" on his leg! I gotta tell with every fiber in my body...I LOVE THAT KID!

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