Saturday, March 26, 2011

The early stage...

At one point, my life was crazy. I was searching for happiness somewhere, anywhere. I was determined to find it on the dance floor or at the bottom of that glass.
One day, a friend said to me, "Sherry, what are you doing? Some day, you are going to stand before God and He is going to want to know why you haven't taught your little boy about Him."
There was a
Right there on my face
I was responsible for my son knowing right from wrong. If I didn't change my ways, God was going to hold me responsible for not teaching my son about Him.
I don't know what hit me that day. My parents had always taken us to church. We knew about God. Why wasn't I doing right? There was something that scared the life out of me about standing before the God of our universe and not having an answer for Him.
I started taking Tyler to church. I decided I was going to change my life. There was more out there for me in life.
I remember, in the car, on the way, still trying to get out of it. I said, "God, if Tyler cries when I put him in that nursery, I am leaving!" I even remember telling Mandy about my little prayer. I got a surprise when I walked into that church. Tyler walked into that nursery! Not a single tear! I am a "burning bush" type person. If something is meant for me it has to be right there in front of my face. I guess it was God's way of telling me, "Sherry, I have plans for you...change you life, follow me, and see how I can bless you."
I was scared of the unknown. I wasn't sure where to begin. It was more than going to church. It was a change of heart, of lifestyle, of attitude. Life began to have meaning, a different meaning than before.
I can't tell you I haven't messed up since then. I can tell you that I stopped trying to find happiness in places it wasn't. The road is still being paved but as it's being paved it is being blessed. be continued

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I love this post.