Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Storytellers...that''s what they are!

I often worry about the stories my kids especially Isaiah are going to tell. I have heard some good ones but I know the truth, other people may scratch their heads!
Some of their stories are believable, the exaggerated truth let's say. But others are just funny.
Today, Isaiah's teacher stopped me to tell me about his story. I said "Oh no, here we go." She said she asked him where he got the scrape on his arm (The truth: he scraped it climbing a tree at his uncles house). He told her, "I got it playing football, Ochocinco knocked me down!" (For those who don't know Ochocinco plays for the Cincinnati Bengals). She thought it was so funny! Me...well, I was just glad it wasn't something else! I say that because as I am typing this he is playing with Play Doh...rolling what I would call "snakes" but not him!

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