Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My husband has a bumper sticker on the back of his truck that says "I LOVE MY WIFE" He has gotten a lot of dirty looks because of it. He has had people flag him down just to say not so nice things to him. He has looked out his rear view mirror and saw wives pointing (and we can only imagine what they are saying to their husbands). As a matter of fact, when he got his new truck, I didn't think he was going to put a new bumper sticker on it. But it was the first thing he did. I have to admit it makes me feel special to know he loves me that much that he wants everyone to know. Not only that, he is willing to put up with the grief people have given him. I just want to take the time today to say that I appreciate him and all he has done for me and our family. We have always been his priority and he has always made sure we have what we need. And if there was a bumper sticker that says "I LOVE MY HUSBAND" I might put it on my car.

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