Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay, so I used the last post as a filler because nothing really eventful had happened. Then I must have jinxed myself. Tonight, I was making dinner and I turned on the oven to finish cooking my chicken cordon bleu when it started smoking and I opened the oven door to notice a "scooby snack" (a bone shaped graham cracker) under the panel by the heating element. Isaiah obviously had thrown a few in the oven when I wasn't looking. You could not get to it without taking the botttom panel off. I figured I would just deal with the smoke and continue to preheat my oven when the snack catches on fire!!! There are flames shooting out the bottom of the oven. We shut the oven off and Bill took it apart to retrieve them. Not only were they black but they had shrunk to half their size. Do you think that could be enough excitement for the night? Not quite...I think Isaiah took a lesson from Avery...he pooped in the bathtub and his brother picked it up and handed it to me. Needless to say, bedtime couldn't come fast enough.

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