Tuesday, December 2, 2008

50¢ Monday

On Monday, the local thrift store offers certain tag colors for only 50 cents. I have recently started going more often to spend time with my mom. It's something she enjoys to do and I have started to like especially since I have found some pretty good deals. Yesterday, for 25 dollars, I bought: 8 name brand shirts for my younger boys, a pair of Levi's for Tyler, A VHS tape of a movie the kids have wanted to watch (they'll just have to do it at grandma's because we don't have a VCR anymore), a big stuffed Grinch for Jacob, a cookie tray for church, a shirt for me, a comforter and brand new Scooby Doo sheets. Not so bad. Maybe, my friend Delilah is wearing off on me. I still have to figure out the CVS thing though. Anyway, it is nice to spend time with my mom. She is having a hard time dealing with things in life right now.

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