Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gotta love 'em

Okay, here are some pictures of the things my kids do...

This is a picture Jacob drew on the wall in Tyler's room. Isn't he a great artist. By the way, he drew it with a Sharpie marker. I have a feeling it will show through even if we paint over it.

I know this is hard to see (sorry) but these are two pictures the boys made in school. The one on the left Joshua made and the one on the right Jacob did. My kids are not thankful for their family on is thankful for school and the other orange???

I just thought this was cute. Isaiah is really into Micky Mouse these days. Joshua had them all lined up. I guess they were watching TV.

This is Joshua's dresser after he organized his action figures. He is a little obsessive (he gets it from his dad).

This is a few minutes later when he decided the "scary" guys had to be on top. The happy ones (Mickey Mouse) go on one side with Superman on the other. The bin on the bottom contains Hot Wheels. He is only four...should I be worried?

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