Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still wondering...

Awhile ago I posted about things I wonder and just to let you know...I am still wondering. I guess those things won't be "normal" again until the kids are off to college. I was thinking today as I was cleaning our toilet, I should have named my blog "Will my toilet ever stay clean?...Adventures of a stay at home mom with 4 boys." A little long but to the point. Those of you with boys know what I am talking about especially when I mention cleaning the toilet.

Here are a few "mishaps" that have happened lately:
...Isaiah made up a new coffee flavor. He got into the cupboard and got chicken bouillon cubes and put them in the coffee grinder. Look for that flavor the next time you buy coffee.
...This morning I asked Isaiah to put the laundry from the hamper into a basket so I can take it downstairs. He takes the clothes out of the hamper and piles them into the dog bed. I asked him where the dog is and he starts to move the pile of clothes and says "There her is!!"
...I took our tree down and stuffed inside the branches I found puzzle pieces, parts to a batman action figure, a lid to a trinket box, 2 key chains (one came off my new shoes and the other a picture of Bill and I in Memphis), some socks and a dishcloth.
...Yesterday, for lunch, I gave the kids leftover tortellini. I left the container on the counter because I was planning to have it (I usually eat after they go down for a nap, I need the quiet time). We were in the living room watching a TV show I told them they could finish after lunch before I laid them down. Isaiah went into the kitchen, he was only gone a second, he put the tortellini container on the floor. Long story short, the dog had a great lunch.

Isaiah really isn't a monster he is just busy. When you ask him what he is doing he will tell you "me busy" and he usually is...busy getting into something he shouldn't.

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Natalie said...

Thanks for the laughs! I love the fact that I never quite now what to expect when I read your blog.