Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tyler's basketball team won the first round in the tournament on Wednesday. They lost today but they still have a chance to come in third in the championship game on Saturday.

My van is fixed. It gets warm again. With the lovely weather outside, that is a good thing.

The garbage disposal is replaced and working. I guess it was still under warranty. That saved us a few dollars.

Bill has two job offers on the table. He is trying to think logically and figure out which job would be best for the family. I told him to take the one that is going to get him a paycheck first. I know, that's wrong.

I set some Oreos on the dining room table tonight for the boys. I went upstairs to get them and make sure their rooms were clean. When I came downstairs, Isaiah had eaten the filling out of all 6 of the cookies. Crazy kid!!

I am so ready for spring. When I look outside, I have to wonder why I was so set against moving to Texas.

Yesterday, before school, Joshua insisted he was sick and even threw in a few fake coughs. He knows about our playdate and was looking for a way to go with us. They are never too young to try to pull a fast one on mom and dad.

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