Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's been a few days...

...since I posted. Things are still as crazy as ever at our house. It just seems like I can't use my computer. My kids have taken it over. I usually don't mind, they are quiet and learning at the same time.

Isaiah has been dry for two days and that is exciting. I stopped pushing him and he started telling me he had to go. He still is very mischievous. This morning when I went to make coffee there was some liquid in the grinder, when he did that I don't know. Today, I attempted to put away some laundry and came downstairs to see the package of pork chops I was thawing for dinner on the floor. Good thing they were still sealed and the dog was upstairs with me.

Jacob and Joshua got their report cards today. Jacob has shown improvement since last quarter. He has a habit of correcting the other kids when they are wrong, not realizing he needs to focus on himself. He is trying to help but in the process is disrupting them. Joshua is "well on his way to being a kindergartner." His speech has gotten a lot better. He is so proud of knowing how to spell his name the teacher says he has to show them his work before it goes in his mailbox.

Tyler has been saving his basketball skills for the final game of the season. In the championship game he shot back to back 3's. I knew he had it in him, he just wasn't sure of himself. They went on to win the game, putting them in third place for the year. Yesterday, I decided to fill out a list of "25 random things about me" for facebook. I asked Tyler to tell me how he would describe his mom. He said "loud, obnoxious ,and annoying." Isn't he sweet?

And just because I thought this was funny...
Today, my husband had two very different socks on. Maybe, I matched them that way. I can't imagine that but it could be possible. But tell me which is worse...me, accidentally mismatching them or him, not noticing when he put them on???

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