Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"I fed the freakin' birds!"

Don't ask me, I don't know what it means either. My friend Julie and I meet weekly at McDonald's (it's not just open to her and I, if you wanna join us feel free even if your kids are in school, out of school, adults, or you have no kids). We get together and have fun getting to know each other in a more personal way. It has been a great way to get her very shy daughter to open up and talk to me. She goes up in the play tubes (?) and calls my name. (If you know her then you know, that is a milestone.)

There is a group of senior citizens that are there every week. They usually keep to themselves but today I am not sure it was coffee they were drinking. I heard them discussing politics and religion. Everyone has an opinion. I personally have learned not to argue either one of those topics, it's not worth it. It's a fight you won't win. I remember when I worked at Rizzi's there was this kid who always had something to say to me about the existence of God. At first I really let him get to me but eventually I had to ignore him. He seemed to have a comeback for everything. Bill told me just pray for him and that was all I could do. I believe what I believe and I have learned I can not impose that on anyone.

Anyway, back to the subject.

Don't let the title of this post throw you off, like it did us. One of the senior ladies got up to get her coffee refill and yelled that back to the table. Not the worst thing she could yell but it just wasn't like them.

So, if you can handle sauna like temperatures, wobbly tables, loud kids, sticky floors, greasy food and other people you should join us. We really do have a good time.

(That is why Bill is a salesman, not me)


Anonymous said...

Hey...which McD's, what day, what time? After I have this baby maybe we can join you.


marcia said...

hey fabulous sherry... yes, which day of the week do you usually go, and what time. probably the state road mickey d's, right? :-)

xxxooo marcia