Sunday, January 4, 2009

My 6 year olds phone conversation...

Today, Jacob got a phone call from a friend. I was listening to his side of the conversation and I just had to laugh. He was talking about how yesterday when he was over his mom said he could come back today. Then he said "do you remember when you came to my house over the summer to go swimming and your hair was short. Do you remember? I think you were only five. We had cookies in the pool". (What???) "Um, I don't know what to say" (...silence for a second). Then the Grinch came up (Jacob has always been a little obsessed with the Grinch) He went on about how "when the Grinch was a little boy and he used to live in Whoville and he had a dog named Max and he didn't have a reindeer and he needed a reindeer to make his sleigh go and so he made a reindeer out of Max and do you know how many reindeer Santa has? I do, he has eight". It was right about then I think the friend was done talking and hung up because Jacob kept calling his name over and over. I don't think that little boy got one word in the whole three minutes they were on the phone. Jacob wanted to call him back but I told him that he probably had to eat dinner (I couldn't tell him he just talked his ear off about absolutely nothing)
Wouldn't it be nice to live life like a child again...when your biggest concern is wondering how the Grinch could eat a raw onion? My kids sometimes drive me absolutely crazy but other times they really put life into perspective. I think we should live our lives through a childs eyes. They worry about nothing. They just know and trust that someone bigger is going to take care of them and always provide. I think it would be great to live life like that again. I can't remember the last time I had a conversation with someone and talked about "nothing".

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