Monday, January 19, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel?

I am a "single" mom today for the first time in a long time. Bill is in Colorado for a job opportunity. If he takes this job I better get used to it, he'll be on the road every other week (not fun). At this point I guess I just have to be thankful he has options and things are looking up. I have to be honest I can not wait until he gets his first paycheck...we are going to go celebrate.

Yesterday, when he left for the airport Jacob started crying because he didn't want him to leave. I am such a chain reaction cryer, I had tears in my eyes too. It broke my heart. That boy can be such a handful but other times he is not so bad. He wanted to talk to his dad before bed but his plane didn't land until after bed time so first thing this morning he called his dad. Here, in Ohio, it was before 7 am that would make it before 5 am for Bill. I guess it was time for dad to get up! I am amazed with Jacob's memory. He memorizes phone numbers, he knows how to spell all of our names, remembers so many details of things we have done and places we have been. It is crazy. The only thing he doesn't remember is how to behave if he could get that down we would be in good shape.

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marcia said...

jacob IS amazing... and i'm so happy to hear bill has a few things sizzling. :-) love you all.