Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peer pressure?

I took Isaiah to peer screening at Joshua's preschool on Friday. Joshua's preschool has kids with learning disabilities, such as speech, and they except a certain number of kids they consider peers. A peer is a child who is developing on schedule and can help the other kids in a classroom setting. I guess you could say the peers set an example for the others in the class. I am not to sure that Isaiah is the right kid for that job. Hopefully, the kids in his class don't give into peer pressure...
Twice this past week he has opened his bedroom window and tried to climb out. He has figured out the lock, lifted the screen and luckily I heard him making noise. Anyway, Bill has made it so the window only opens a few inches.
He is not always into mischeif he says some of the cutest things. We were at the park the other day and the water fountain wasn't working. He said "the awter fountain not erking the babberies are dead" (no, I didn't mispell it, that is what he said). As he was digging in the garden the other day he found a worm "Yook mom a urm" as his older brother is running into the house and refuses to come out because there is a bee outside and he wants me to spray it. Another time he was going to the bathroom (he has decided to stand up now like a big boy). The toilet seat fell on his hand. Anyway, he says to me "Mom, yook what that toyette did!" "What did it do Isaiah?" "It falled on my hand!" I had to tell him to be careful because it could have been worse, just ask Joshua, he had a black and blue mark I bet he wished was somewhere else!
I could probably go on with things he says because we spend a lot of time together and really I do love it (even when he makes me crazy). In some ways, I hope he gets excepted into prechool because I think it would be good for him. But in other ways, I really don't want him to go to school just yet. He may be a monster at times but he is still my baby!

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Diana said...

Sam used to insist that the cure for everything was new batteries: broken crayons, burnt-out light bulbs, food that didn't taste good, tired mom, etc.