Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He really is a softy...

As you know my son Jacob is very loud. He can sometimes be a little monster but somewhere deep down he really has a soft not so harsh side to him.

Yesterday, he was playing on the swing set with the little girl across the street and this was the part of the conversation I heard (I was across the yard and his voice was the only one I could hear but it was enough).

JACOB: My Aunt Mandy...(then he said something she did with him)

GIRL: Who is Aunt Mandy?

JACOB: She is my aunt and she went to heaven

GIRL: (said something about her uncle who passed away shortly after Mandy)

Then they said a few more things that I really couldn't hear and that is when Jacob said "I don't want to talk about my Aunt Mandy anymore, I'm about to cry"

Then he ran off to play somewhere else...leaving his mom to cry!

She always wanted to leave a legacy and she did. They will never forget her and the memories she made with them because she took the time to make them important! It is amazing the impact you can have on someones life even when you only have a few short years to do it.

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