Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know what you are thinking...

...why start a blog if you are not going to post anything.

Bill left for North Carolina last Sunday and didn't back until late Friday night. When he is out of town, I am so busy with the kids my day just slips away. I realize how much he helps me when I have to do it all by myself.

I had two Mother's Day functions to go to. Jacob had "Muffins with Mom" on Wednesday. My mom and I went with him before school and had muffins and juice, he was so excited about it. Joshua had a "luau" on Thursday for grandma and mom. We made a lei, watched them sing and dance, then ate fruit salad and cake (which they all helped decorate). Here is a picture of what the kids made me in school. Joshua made the jar with the flower on top. Jacob made the card and gave me the flower. (The card says "Dear Mom, my love for you grows and GROWS!")

Tyler made "Student of the Month" He said he was sitting in class and the principal came in and asked him to come out in the hall. Once out there, Tyler asked him if he had done something and the principal said "Something to deserve this..."

The Miller's invited me over for dinner one night. Dinner was good, my kids not so much! Maybe they weren't as bad as I thought (ha-ha), maybe by then, my patience was just gone from being "single" all week. We probably will never be invited to dinner again though...I wonder if their fish survived Isaiah dumping the container of food into the tank?

I think my bad mood from that night carried over to the next day because when Bill called me in the morning, I must have snapped so he sent me these...

(The two carnations are from church on Sunday for Mom's day)

This is not a conclusive list of all the things that went on last week by a long shot but one thing I will admit I sure miss my husband when he's gone!

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delilah said...

The fish survived. The tank is really smelly though...

You are invited over again - this Saturday.

Bring on the circus music!