Monday, May 18, 2009

Good times

with old friends...

We were really busy this weekend!

FRIDAY: I spent the first half of the day painting. One of these days I will be done. I started the fence by the pool...not fun! I have been dragging my feet and putting it off. That night, Bill and I went on a date. We just went to dinner and had some drinks. Then we did some shopping for Saturday.

SATURDAY: I made breakfast for my family...I let them each pick what they wanted. Bill had an omelette, Jacob and Tyler had scrambled eggs, Joshua and Isaiah wanted waffles and they all had bacon. Then, I had an appointment to get my hair done. That afternoon was Elise's birthday party, the reason for shopping an our date.

SUNDAY: After church, I met up with some friends for lunch. We all worked together a life time ago! Back when I was pregnant with Tyler. After lunch we came back to my house, and well, here are the pictures...

No...there were no tasty beverages involved!

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Cassie said...

yeah tasty beverages!