Monday, July 20, 2009

My heart smiles

when I see them smile...

My kids love the water. I am afraid of it. When I was young, my mom wanted to protect us from everything and water happened to be one of those things. When we first got our pool and Bill threw our kids up in the air, you can bet I cried. It scared me. But the other day, he caught me wipe a tear for a different reason. I was standing outside the pool in amazement as my kids did cannon balls, flips, and handstands. Part of me is a little jealous because I can't do that stuff but the other part is so happy to see them have so much fun. I am glad that Bill has taught them to not be afraid.

Joshua just gets braver everyday. In this picture he was going under the water and jumping up (I would have to plug my nose!).

Jacob is happiest in the water. We have not been able to find many things that keep him occupied but he will swim all day!

Isaiah has just started getting very brave. He does cannonballs just like his older brothers. I chose this picture because if you look close you can see a drop of water falling off his ear!

Then there is Tyler, he also loves the water and enjoys being with his brothers. He has come a long way in the water. He used to be like his mom but now he will jump right in with the best of them!

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marcia said...

i love your pictures :-)