Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The weekend in a nutshell...

This 4th of July weekend was very busy but, it was better that way. It kept my mind off of my sister, for the most part, I had a breakdown Saturday night...my poor husband!

Anyway, Friday we decided to go to Blossom with the Miller's. That may just be a new tradition. you pay to get in to see the orchestra but the view of the fireworks was worth it! These pictures do not come close to showing how close we were...the kids thought the sparks were going to land on their heads!

Saturday, we had breakfast at our house with the Miller's and Uncle Jon. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and Delilah made sausage gravy and biscuits. A breakfast of champions! Then, it was off to the parade...

The kids look forward to playing in the street!

Isaiah is looking for Ninja turtles

I am sure this has something to do with America's birthday!

After the parade, it was nap time...of course, for only the kids! Then, we had a cookout that included a nice fire, steak, and some tasty punch.

Sunday, well...we went to Home Depot to pick out some paint colors. I want to redo the bathroom...in green, like Crayola crayon green! I want a pedestal sink and my kids hand prints on the wall!

Bill took Monday off and as you know we went to the Safari I will share more about that later. It has taken me since yesterday to upload these pictures.

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Cassie said...

ok, so how did the kids do at the orchestra? The last time I was there, people were so rude about talking. My kids would never sit still and listen to the music. How did you do it?