Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to the reason

I named my blog the way it really is...
So, where to start?
Isaiah seems to be a good place to begin...
I have never quite seen a boy like him. Where there is action, he is in the middle. Where there is a screw, he unscrews it. Where there is a faucet, he turns it on. Where there is a switch, he flips it. Where there is handle, pulls it. Where there is shampoo, he dumps it down the drain. Where there is a wall, he writes on it. Where there is a lamp, he pours water into it. Where there is a hot tub, he poops in it.
The other night we had friends over for a cookout/pool party. It was too chilly for me to get in the pool so we decided to go in the hot tub...me, my neighbor friend, her daughters, and Isaiah. The wine was great, the water was nice, the dogs barking next door were annoying, but nothing breaks up a hot tub party than...you guessed it!
Then there is this morning, I had just got done saying to myself..."how cute when they play nice, they are having a picnic on the landing, pretend food, blankets, stuffed animals, see, they can be good." I take a minute and clean up the dishes then MOM! ISAIAH DID SOMETHING REALLY BAD! is what I hear Jacob say. He decided they needed some water to go with their "pizza" and he poured it into the cylinder lamp on the shelf on top of our plasma television! Luckily, the lamp was well sealed and the water stayed in.
As if that is not enough just a little bit ago...Bill called. I am telling him that story along with a few other things Isaiah had done today when I check on him in his room, he peed his pants...par for the course. So, I get him new clothes, tell my husband I have to go and change him, I go down stairs to find my son has went outside, around to the front yard, with no pants on! It is a good thing the neighbors are at work and the policewoman who sits in front of our house, almost daily, to catch the cars who roll the stop sign had left to go catch another law breaker or it would have been me you read about in the paper!
By the way, if you are wondering how I can write this with such a trouble maker...he is sitting right here, messing with all the USB cords hanging from my computer!


Cassie said...

Like I said, God is giving you a very special spot in heaven

Mandy said...

God wouldnt throw anything at you that you couldnt handle.

marcia said...

poor you... poor isaiah. (as you know, i've even accused him of doing weird stuff at my house, and he's never even been here [i think] LOL)