Monday, November 16, 2009


I have wanted a "bar" in my house for a long time. One day I said to my husband, "Let's knock out that wall and build a bar." At first, he thought I was crazy...then I saw the light bulb and the wheels in his head were turning. "Okay, lets do it!" What?!?! Last week, we had someone here to put in new doors in our upstairs and while he was here Bill said,"Come tell me what you think and if you can do it." And wouldn't you know he said, "I have time next Wednesday." Yes, that is 2 days from now! So, I have barely recooped from the bathroom because that led to the bedrooms which led to the hall and now into the kitchen.

First, here is a picture of Joshua ans Isaiah's room. They wanted blue walls which was fine but we had to draw the line at the orange door!

We are planning on getting them new bedding around Christmas so then it will all come together.

Next, Bill is taking out the baseboard to put in my cabinet with the butcher block. I am painting my kitchen in yellow because my sister always wanted a yellow kitchen. I talked to her husband tonight and asked him if he had something I can have from her kitchen to put in mine. He said he would find something special.

Here is a drawing of the plans, sorry they are a little light. This is a picture from the dining room looking into the kitchen and where our new bar is going to be. As early as the end of the week I should have a picture of the finished project. Hopefully, if all goes well!

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